Seoul Tourism Certification Program
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What is the Certification Program?

To develop Quality tourism Packages for Seoul,
 the City of Seoul certifies and supports the development of 
high class tourism Packages through strict evaluation

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Application criteria and How to Participate

Introduction of the application criteria and participation method 

for the Seoul Certified Quality Tour Package.
The tourism Packages selected for the program are certified by
the city 
and issued with the certification mark by the City of
Seoul to guarantee the reliability of the Package.

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Seoul Certified Quality Tour Product

introduce tourism products certified as an Seoul Certified Quality
Tour Package. Through high-quality tourism products
and enjoy the great taste of Seoul!

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Seoul Certified Quality Travel Agency

Among in-bound travel agencies in Seoul that offer
Seoul Certified Quality Tour Package, those that worked hard
to improve low price tour market and develop high quality
products are selected as Seoul Certified Quality Travel Agencies.

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New Tourism Resource Seoul Tour+

Introduction to new tourist sites in Seoul. 

Check out fun things to enjoy 

in Seoul with your own eyes!

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