04399  66 Hannamdaero 27 Gil Yongsan-gu Seoul  

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Lee Min-woo of Shinwha and an actor Oh Dae-hwan opened this cafe in Hannam-dong. Thanks to a glass covering the outside of the building, the sunlight lights up the place, just like the bright smile of Lee Min-woo. Not only fans, but also couples and families love this cafe and its signature drink, the Nama Choco Latte. This latte is one of the hottest feeds on Instagram, having shaved brick chocolate on top of the latte, deserving exclamations and camera shutter sounds. The latte is just about perfect for chocolate lovers, with the fun of tapping and eating the chocolate on top. In addition, rich butter croissants and Iceawa Choco with cute marshmellows on top are very popular. At the back of the cafe, a fairly sizable terrace is provides a venue for a pleasant time to relax and refresh in the nice weather.


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04399  66 Hannamdaero 27 Gil Yongsan-gu Seoul  
Line 6 Hangangjin Station, Exit 2 or 3, 10 minute walk