Shinsegae Duty Free Department Store (Myeong-dong Branch)

04530  Toegyero, Jung-gu, Seoul   77, 8th floor to 12th floor

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Shinsegae, a Korean department store company, has completed their business portfolio in the duty free shop industry with a short amount of time. With the start of their first duty free store opening in 2012 in Busan, Shinsegae also opened their stores in Incheon International Airport, in 2015, and also opened a store in Seoul’s main road, in 2016.
This Shinsegae duty free department store has become a space for showcasing specialized culture zone, where you can, “experience,” Korean Wave/Korean culture. Shinsegae’s Myeong-dong branch is not only a department store/duty free shop, but is now also a space for displaying artist’s works, creating a new/differentiated-shopping environment. Tourists not only come to the department store for shopping, but to experience Korean culture by displaying/showcasing different artists’ works.
On the 10th floor, there is the largest Korean cosmetic shop/brand called, “Cosmetic Zone.” This part of the duty free shop is proudly known as the largest cosmetic store among all the duty free shops in Korea. You can comfortably enjoy shopping, in a spacious space.
The 12th floor is where the, “Shinsegae Giftshop,” is located. The gift shop showcases some high quality Korean craftwork, which reflects the Korean morals and what Koreans value. Through the collaboration with organizations such as KCDF (Korea Craft & Design Foundation), CFNMK (Cultural Foundation of National Museum of Korea), and etc., the gift shop sells high quality Korean craftworks.
Meanwhile, artworks that are displayed throughout the mall attract attention of the people shopping in the mall. In the middle of the 10th floor, an artwork called, “Mirror Carousel,” done by an artist named Carsten Höller, known as a heretical person/figure in the artist world. The size of the artwork is about two floors tall and has a LED display on top, which catches the eye of the visitors.
Meanwhile, there is a gallery called, “South Korean Craftsmaster/Past Master Gallery,” located in the lobby of the Mesa building, a building that is right next to the Shinsegae building. In the gallery space, you can experience the Korean traditional culture. You can view and experience one hundred forty works of Korea’s intangible cultural heritage and Korea’s modern craftsmen. The gallery space also functions as a store in which you can purchase works by craftsmen. There is a K-Pop concert hall called, “Boys 24 Hall,” located in the 10th floor of the Mesa building. In the hall, you can enjoy concerts featuring a boy band idol group called, “Boys 24,” the first-ever performance-based boy band in Korea.


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04530  Toegyero, Jung-gu, Seoul   77, 8th floor to 12th floor
Hoehyeon Station (subway line 4) exit 7
Myeong-dong Station (subway line 4) exit 5