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Korea Train Express (KTX)


The KTX is Korea’s high-speed rail system that connects Seoul to the southern regions of the peninsula. Traveling up to 300km/hr, travel from Seoul to Busan takes just 2 hours and 18 minutes. Tickets can be purchased up to 60 days in advance of your travel date at any train station, large post office, travel agency, and the official KTX website (here).


Korea Train Express (KTX)





KTX Fare
Line Route Mon / Thurs Fri / Sun & Holidays
Gyeongbu Seoul (Seoul Station) / Busan 43,000 ~ 53,700 won 46,500 ~ 57,700 won
Honam Seoul (Yongsan Station) / Gwangju 36,900 won 39,700 won
Honam Seoul (Yongsan Station) / Mokpo 41,600 won 44,700 won
Gyeongjeon Seoul (Seoul Station) / Masan 48,600 won 52,300 won
Jeolla Seoul (Yongsan Station) / Yeosu Expo 42,800 won 46,000 won



Express Buses

Express buses connect Seoul with the rest of Korea and are convenient to get to destinations that are not connected by rail. There are two major intercity bus terminals in Korea: Express Bus Terminal, and DongSeoul Bus Terminal. The Express Bus terminal is divided into two terminals, Gyeongbu/Yeongdong Terminal and Honam Terminal, and connects Seoul with the southern and eastern regions of Korea respectively. The DongSeoul Bus Terminal connects Seoul with the north-eastern regions of Korea. The Express Bus Terminal is located at the Express Bus Terminal Subway Station (lines 3,7, and 9). The DongSeoul Bus Terminal is located at Gangbyeon Subway Station (line 2). Times vary by route, but most buses run from 6am to 2am.



Fare and Route

Tickets cost anywhere from 3,000~35,000 won depending on the destination. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket windows on the date of travel. When purchasing your ticket, you may choose from the more spacious premium buses with 3 seats per row, or a regular bus with 4 seats per row.

> Routes from the Express Bus Terminal



Major destinations from Gyeongbu/Yeongdong Terminal


Major destinations from Gyeongbu/Yeongdong Terminal
Metropolitan Cities Busan, Ulsan, Daegu, Daejeon
Gyeonggi Province Icheon, Anseong, Pyeongtaek
Gwangwon Province Sokcho, Gangneung, Samcheok
Chungcheong Province Gonju, Cheonan, Cheongju
Gyeongsang Jinju, Gyeongju, Pohang


Major destinations from Honam Terminal


Major destinations from Honam Terminal
North Jeolla Province Jeonju, Namwon, Sunchang
South Jeolla Province Gwangju, Mokpo, Yeosu
North Chungcheong Province Chungju, Cheongju
South Chungcheong Province Yuseong, Nonsan, Cheongyang
Gangwon Province Chuncheon, Cheolweon, Pocheon
North Gyeongsang Province Andong, Yeongju, Yecheon


Major destinations from DongSeoul Bus Terminal


Major destinations from DongSeoul Bus Terminal
Gyeonggi Province Icheon, Yeoju, Pyeongtaek
Gwangwon Province Sokcho, Gangneung, Samcheok
Chungcheong Province Gonju, Cheonan, Cheongju
Gyeongsang Province Jinju, Gyeongju, Pohang
Jeolla Province Gunsan, Suncheon, Jindo


Riding the Bus

Once you have purchased your ticket, proceed to the boarding gate number on your ticket. Large luggage can be stored underneath the bus. For longer trips, buses will stop at rest areas along the highway for about 10 minutes.



K-Travel Bus

K-Travel Bus's picture

To celebrate "Visit Korea Year 2016-2018," the K-Travel Bus program was started to provide foreign tourists with an easy and affordable way to travel from Seoul to Korea's provinces. Each tour lasts for 2 days and there are seven regional routes, Daegu, Gangwon Province, South Jeolla Province, North Gyeongsang Province, Southeast Region, and 2016's Cities of Tourism, Jechon and Muju. The cost of each tour includes transportation, accommodation, and a bilingual guide. Travel Korea with the K-Travel Bus and see Korea in a convenient and affordable way.
Types and prices of K-travel bus
Route Course Fare
Daegu Seomun Market, Modern
Streets Tour, Yangnyeongsi
Herb Medicine Museum
$169 USD
Gangwon Province Woljeongsa Temple,
Bongpyeongjang Trad-
itional Market, Alpensia Ski Resort Ski Jump Tower, 
Jeongdongjin, Olympic
Promotional Center
$160 USD
South Jeolla Province
(Southwestern Part)
Salt Gallery, Salt Farming
Experience, Yudalsan
Mountain, Youth Street,
Yeongam F1 Race Track,
Image Theme Park
$175 USD
North Gyeongsang Province Sosuseowon Confucian
Academy, Seonbichon
Village, Buseoksa
Temple, Makgeolli 
Experience, Hoeryongpo
Village, Zipline (optional)
$145 USD
Southeast Region Sancheong Oriental
Medicine Theme Park, 
Gimhae Gaya Theme Park, Haeundae Beach, Onggi
$165 USD
2016's Cities of Tourism
Uirimji Reservoir, Herbal
Medicine Expo Park,
Cheongpung Cultural
Heritage Complex,
Deogyusan Mountain
Gondola Ride, Meoru Wine Cave, National Taekwondo Center (Taekwondowon)
$160 USD
South Jeolla Province
(Eastern Part)
Damyang Juknokwon
Bamboo Garden, Yeosu
Expo Park, Suncheon Bay
Wetland Reserve, Yeosu
Maritime Cable Car
$175 USD
Official K-Travel Bus Website

Intercity Train Express (ITX)


The ITX is a high-speed train that connects Seoul with Chuncheon Station to the east in Gwangwon Province. The ITX trains have attendants on board that sell snacks and drinks.




Tickets can be purchased on the official website (here) up to 30 days prior to the travel date or from ticketing machines at the station. Tickets (departing from Yongsan Station) are 3,000 won to Cheongnyangni; 6,900 won to Gapyeong (Nami Island); and 9,800 won to Chuncheon.