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Taxis in Seoul are an inexpensive and useful means of transportation. Abundant and inexpensive, it’s easy to flag one down on the streets, or find one of the many taxi stands located around major tourist destinations. All taxis use a meter, with slightly different base rates for regular, international, deluxe, and jumbo cabs. Most taxis accept cash, credit cards, and Tmoney for payment. Rates depend on the class of taxi, length of journey, and time of day.


Regular Taxi
Regular Taxi

Regular taxis are the cheapest and most common taxis in Seoul, and are easy to flag down in most neighborhoods. Most regular taxis are orange, but white, gray, and other colors are also common.

Deluxe Taxi
Deluxe Taxi

Deluxe taxis are have a higher flag drop and charges for distance and idle time than regular taxis, but do not have surcharges for late-night use, and are usually larger, more luxurious vehicles with exceptionally safe service. Deluxe taxis are black with gold stripes, and can normally be found at major hotels and tourist locations.

Jumbo Taxi
Jumbo Taxi

Jumbo taxis can fit up to 8 passengers and cost the same as deluxe taxis.


Please be cautious of the difference between Jumbo taxis, which are legal for the transportation of passengers, and call vans, which are intended for transporting passengers with freight and cargo goods and charge a much higher fare. The two may look similar, but call vans will have the words “VAN” or “CALL VAN” written on them and do not use a taximeter. All Jumbo taxis will have the words “JUMBO” written on them.

International Taxi
International Taxi

Specifically created for foreign tourists, drivers of these cabs are proficient in English, Chinese, or Japanese, with the language indicated on the side of the vehicle. International taxis can be reserved in advance, or flagged from the street. International taxis are black or orange with “International” written on the door. They are slightly more expensive than regular cabs, and can be chartered for blocks of 3 or more hours for a flat rate and will provide airport pickup service and trips for a flat rate.


Reservation :

Taxi Fare
Fare Regular Deluxe/Jumbo International
Base fare 3,000 won/2km 5,000 won/3km 3,600 won/2km
Distance charge 100 won/142m 200 won/164m 120 won/142m
Idle charge 100 won/35s 200 won/39s 120 won/35s
Late-night surcharge 20% from 12am~4am None None


※International taxis charge a flat fares (55,000~75,000 won) from Incheon Int’l Airport to destinations around Seoul.