Night Views at the 63 Building

07345  50 63-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul  

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Enjoy beautiful panoramas of Seoul from the 63 Building's observatory. The observatory is an observation deck and gallery (known as 63 Art or 63 Sky Art). At 63 Sky Art, visitors can take in incredible views and amazing artworks. Make sure to stop by the Wishing Wall, where visitors can write their own wishes down and post them on the wall. 

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  • 63 CITY= 100 SCORE
    63 building in the highest building in my country, so people want to visit there, and after they visited, they always shocked because of the hight of the building. It was awesome!
    평점:4 Monica05032018-11-11
  • Worth the views
    It overlooks the Hangang river and as the name suggests, it has 63 floors - and is the tallest and most recognisable building in Korea. It is not just a tall building and houses attractions such as...
    평점:4 highimpactuk2018-08-28
  • Great view on the top.
    You can see Han River from the top. There us an aquarium in the basement. It's not so big but there is a mermaid show.
    평점:5 JJmemories2018-08-01
  • Beautiful scene
    The night view at here is quite great. it is a wonderful experience stay in 63 tower for 1~2 hour. Very convenient to visit there by taking the subway or bus. You can go there at night when after...
    평점:5 leonaliuu2018-03-18
  • Worth one time visit
    I visited twice. The view from the top is great. You can see Namsan Tower in the distance and the new Lotte Tower. That helps you realize how big Seoul is. Huge. It's an iconic building in Seoul so...
    평점:4 marstar01092017-10-31
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