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The Seoul Locations of the K-Pop Music Videos!

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The Seoul Locations of the K-Pop Music Videos!

K-Pop music videos commonly feature bright lights, exciting music, and the eye-catching K-Pop stars. It’s not just the camera operators who can follow after them. Let’s take a look at the Seoul locations of the singers.

Tour Course

Seoul Metropolitan Library – Itaewon Street – Club Mass – Yangjae Stream’s Cherry Blossom Lane

Course 1. Filming location of Psy’s

The Seoul Metropolitan Library

The Seoul Metropolitan LibraryIn Psy’s <gentleman> music video, which has amassed more than 1 billion views, Psy and his dancers are seen doing the ‘arrogant dance’ here at the Seoul Metropolitan Library on the ‘Thinking Living Room Stairs' and in front of the 5m tall wall of books. The Seoul Metropolitan Library is housed in the former City Hall building and is a public library that is open to everyone. It houses over 70,000 books of all subject matters, a digital archive, exhibition space, and more. The exterior, hall, and stairs are all originals that have stood there since the building’s completion in 1926. In addition to Psy’s popular music video, it was the filming location for an episode of the popular entertainment program,<running man>.

The Seoul Metropolitan Library

Address : 110 Sejongdae-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul

Contact : +82-2-2133-0300

Operating hours : Tuesdays ~ Fridays - 09:00 ~ 21:00 / Weekend - 09:00 ~ 18:00

Closed : Every Mondays and public holidays

Homepage :

Course 2. The filming location of the music video by MOBB (Song Minho and Bobby)


Itaewon streetIn August, Winner’s Song Minho and iKon’s Bobby made a unit group called ‘MOBB’. The music video for MOBB’s showed the pair holding a guerilla concert. They also performed <fear>, <okie dokie> and <go> in front of a lively audience. Just like the music video, the streets of Itaewon are well known for their lively and free atmosphere. Also called the global village in Seoul, Itaewon is where many of Seoul’s international residents reside and operate cafes and restaurants. From trendy and unique clothing shops to the antique street, Itaewon’s many sights draws crowds every day. It grows even more exciting at night when the sun sets.


Itaewon Street stretches for 1.4km and is accessible from Itaewon Station, Noksapyeong Station, and Hanggangjin Station. If it’s your first time, head to the beginning of Itaewon Street via Noksapyeong Station’s exit 3.

Course 3. Unnies music video filming location

Club Mass

Club MassThe most popular episodes of the variety program <Unnies Slam Dunk> revolved around the group forming and debuting as the ‘Unnies’ girl group. Comprised of Hong Jin Gyeong, Ra Miran, Min Hyorin, Jessie, and Tiffany, the group attracted a lot of attention even before their official debut. The music video of their title song <shut up> has amassed over 6 million views. The pole dance seen in the music video was especially memorable and was filmed at the popular Gangnam night club, Club Mass. It’s a popular venue for those into dance and music and runs through the night. The hip hop reality show ‘Show me the Money’ and B1A4’s <baby> was also filmed here.


Address : 415 Gangnamdae-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul , B1 of Daedong building

Operating hours : Sun-Thu 22:00 ~ (Next day) 08:00 / Fri-Sat 22:00 ~ (Next day) 10:00

Closed : Open year round

Homepage :

Course 4. Music video filming location of Twice’s

Yangjae Stream’s Cherry Blossom Lane

Yangjae Stream’s Cherry Blossom LaneIn the music video of ‘Cheer Up’ by the popular girl group Twice, member Mina is seen dressed in a school outfit and walking under a cherry blossom tree lane. Amid the falling petals, Mina is seen looking into the camera with wide eyed wonder. This mysterious and beautiful location is the Yangjae Stream’s Cherry Blossom Lane. Following along Yangjae Stream’s Ttukbang-gil you’ll soon come across the many cherry blossom trees which go into full bloom every spring, usually around April. But this area is beautiful year round and is easily accessible, making it a popular place.

Yangjae Stream’s Cherry Blossom Lane

This lane is located on the Yangjae Stream’s Ttukbang-gil. You can get to here from Hangnyeoul Station of subway line 3 or Gaepodong Station of the Bundang Line. The lane is about 5km roundtrip and is particularly beautiful in spring when the cherry blossoms are in bloom

Address : Yangjae Stream, Yangjaedong, Seocho-gu, Seoul

Contact : +82-2-2155-7153

Public Facility : Between the Yeongdong 6 bridge and the Daechi bridge there is a facility for the disabled and elderly.

Homepage : Website

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