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2019-05 Vol.41
Seoul Festivals to Satisfy Your Five Senses
This month, satisfy your five senses as you check out these festivals with your friends and family.
Small Detours to Take While Waiting for the Subway
Have some time to spare? Try taking these small detours inside Seoul's subway stations!
This Month's Recommended Events
Design Art Fair 2019
Apr 25 - May 4
Latest design and art trends!
Seoul Welcome Week 2019
Apr 26 - May 6
Celebrate Seoul's peak season!
Royal Culture Festival 2019
Apr 27 - May 5
Learn about the royal palaces!
Recommended Courses
Euljiro District C
Head down the hidden stairs found below the forest of buildings in Euljiro to come upon District C, a bustling place filled with trendy stores offering “select dining” and OTD (over-the-dish) product and services.
[Oraegage] Old Streets Where Korea Exist Together with the World - Part 2
Yongsan, an iconic multi-cultural district of Seoul encompassing Itaewon, Haebangchon, and Gyeongnidan-gil, is filled with unique old stores and Oraegages.
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