Brandon Li "I'm a nomadic filmmaker on an endless world tour"

Seoul Wave (Director's Commentary)


Q) Which gear did you use for filming Seoul?
I used a Sony a7riii mirrorless camera to shoot this video. I put the camera on a gimbal for many shots, which allowed me create fluid camera movements.

Q) Why did you choose to film? Could you share your motivation?
I wanted to film Seoul because it is such a rapidly developing, modern city. In most of my other video projects I have focused on traditional culture primarily. This time I wanted to do something different. I wanted to capture a snapshot of the way Seoul is today, in 2018, because it is changing so fast. The technology, the pop culture, the fashions and attitudes of people will all advance rapidly in the years to come. I think of Seoul as one of the most interesting cities in the world because of this. Seoul does have a rich heritage and history, but for this video I wanted to focus on what was unique and modern.

Q) How was Seoul? Please share your appreciation with us.
I found Seoul to be an endlessly fascinating city. It was really all about the people I met there. My friends in Seoul brought me to places. I never expected to see, from the seafood markets, temples and university districts to the underground nightlife, mukbang, and egaming. It's a city that gives back what you put into it - the deeper I explored, the more fascinating Seoul became for me. So I highly recommend that travelers make friends with locals and explore the city through the eyes of those who live in Seoul.