kyung6 film so called "gold hand" filmmaker

Seoul Sky


Q) Can you tell us what you felt while filming Seoul?
There are still places which the locals take for granted that many travelers don’t know about. It made me realize that those same locations can offer different perspectives to travelers and let me look back into those places I’d normally pass by without a second glance.

Q) What do you think sets Seoul apart from other cities?
It has to be all the flashy neon signs! I wasn’t a big fan of them at first, but as soon as I got them on my camera and accepted them for what they were, they began to look much more interesting than before.

Q) If you could give tips to aspiring travel videographers, what would it be?
I recommend getting the lightest camera. As for editing tools, Final Cut, Premiere… These days, you can even find editing apps on your phone, too!