Jordan Guange "Hey! I make youtube videos for pur enjoyment. It's my creative fix"

Seoul Promotion Video


Q) Which gear did you use for filming Seoul?
Gear used: Sony a7, Sony a6300, DJI Mavic, Xiaomi Yi 4k, Stabilizer

Q) Why did you choose to film? Could you share your motivation?
I get inspired by places and other people's creativity. Whenever I see something someone

Q) How was Seoul? Please share your appreciation with us.
Seoul is my second home. Seoul is full of surprises and travel feels and there's something for everyone. There are so many different areas in Seoul, sometimes I feel like I'm always discovering something new even though I've lived here for several years. I love all the events that happen in town, this city is definitely alive and active. I cannot describe it, but Seoul people are one people like they're together, or like they're one people. The whole city moves together.