Amore Pacific Spa

06005   21 Apgujeong-ro 29-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seou  

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Amore Pacific Spa first opened in Soho, New York. It became a hot spot that grabbed the attention of New Yorkers. Because of the NYC branch's popularity, a branch was opened in Seoul in April, 2005. Amore Pacific Spa has excellent  facilities and services. Their high-quality service does not disappoint. 

The spa offers treatments that include the use of natural elements such as tumeric, lotus flower, ginger, and bamboo. The Halla Green Tea therapy is unique the Amore Pacific Spa. In addition to the green tea therapy, there are also several other therapy programs that utilize cosmetic products and plants. There are roughly 30 different beauty programs to choose from. Select from facials, massages, and package programs at the spa. The programs include body slimming therapy, 5 energy healing therapy, Silver Energy Healing therapy, and more. 


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06005   21 Apgujeong-ro 29-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seou