Musical [AIDA]

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Musical [AIDA]

  240, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul  

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Nov. 03, 2016 ~ Mar. 18, 2017
Charlotte Theater
Age Group
7 years and over
165 minutes
VIP : 140,000
R : 110,000
S : 80,000
A : 60,000


Show Outline
AIDA – legendary for reaching 574 performances, has grossed over 35 billion Korean won and has been seen by 49 Million theatergoers, merely within three productions following the years 2005, 2010 and 2012 – is returning to the arms of its beloved fans after three years of waiting. 2016 today, AIDA is facing its fourth season in Korea, and is ready to be welcomed back with an incomparable stage full of sensational experience.

1. 2016 Musical AIDA will show essence of how actors create theatrical art on the stage
Princess AIDA agonizes among homeland, the public and loves one (YOON Gong Joo/JANG Eun Ah)
General RADAMES is falling in fateful love with slave AIDA (KIM Woo Hyung/MIN Woo Hyeok)
Princess AMNERIS grow up as real Egyptian queen from immature princess (IVY/LEE Jung Hwa)
Zoser who driven by avarice, he can do anything (SUNG Ki Yoon/PARK Sung Hwan)
AIDA’s loyal subject MEREB (KANG Eun Il) helps out Nubian King AMONASOR to escape from the jail
ENSEMBLES express with their dynamic choreography and vocal for the tenacious Egyptian army, slave Nubian

Within ten long years after its premiere in 2005, AIDA the Musical only came back to stage three times due to its massive stage mechanism straight off Broadway, which requires exceptionally long set-up period. Within this world, there exists a timeless love story by Disney, beautiful music by the Legendary team of Tim Rice and Elton John, about 800 different stage pieces that fit perfectly with the gorgeous costumes, vibrant lighting system which takes 2.6 cue signs per minute, and dynamic choreography. , fine-tuned with all that is demanded of top musicals, brings you the irreplaceable experience of a beautifully crafted and ingenious stage.

2. Stage Mechanism that allows every imagination ever dreamed of come to reality

The intricate stage mechanism of is indeed magnificent. The genius of Bob Crowley is that he was able to paint the ancient Egypt Nile River as a silhouette backdrop, within modern day Egypt that is fully fashionable and current. He also included Asia, central Asia, and the effects of India which were a part of Egyptian territories at the time. As the first step, Crowley visited the Egyptian wing of the New York Metropolitan Museum to be infinitely inspired by the monuments’ quality, texture, both jaded and still vibrant colors, in which the final product came to reflect a spirit of Modern Stage Art melted onto ancient Egypt.
Museum of modern arts in innocent white, the eyes of Horus- the God of Sun, Nubia relished in desperate lights of red, Nile River in rich blue, tall palm trees reflected off of the river, Slave ship with magnificent orange sail, luxurious palace with Amneris’s turquoise delight bathtub …all of these breathtaking designs and colors overlap on stage to create a movie-like journey for the audience. Bob Crowley completed a stage art that travels in time between the past and the present, and succeeded in introducing this ancient story with a modern touch. Breathtakingly beautiful set of was honored with the Tony Awards for best Set Design, inevitably adding more value to its significance.

3. Magnificent burst of unexpected colors! Lighting helps to bring out the vividness of the stage and costumes

Everything on stage is affected by lighting. In fact, everything on stage creates synergy when lights come into the picture. The audience of will recognize how much lighting affects the stage to be more beautiful, dynamic and full in retrospect. The style of lighting used throughout the show is sometimes light as air or powerful and heavy force of presence on stage. In order to maximize the effectiveness of lighting, the lighting designer used large scaled lighting pieces rather than relying upon natural lights. Particularly, incorporates moving lights twice as fast as the regular ones to demonstrate an abundant presence of colors. For the scene ‘Like Father Like Son’ Natasha Katz created what appears to be almost like a hologram.

*Cast: AIDA – GongJu Yoon, EunAh JangㅣRADAMES – WooHyung Kim, WooHyuk Min
AMNERIS – IVY, JungHwa Lee ㅣZOSER – GiYoon Sung, SungHwan Park
AMONASRO– DukHwan Kim ㅣPHARAOH – SunDong Kim ㅣMEREB – EunIl Kang
DooSan BaekㅣSangJoon LeeㅣGwangHee ChoiㅣDongJoo KangㅣManSeok Seoㅣ SiYoung Kim ㅣ ChungHo YooㅣJoongBae ParkㅣWonSup ChoiㅣDaeSung KimㅣJiSun KimㅣHaeMin HaㅣMiHong BangㅣHyunJi KimㅣJinMin KimㅣYoo Im ㅣ MinHee JungㅣSaeRome JiㅣSooHyun LeeㅣSooHyun Kim

*Creative Team:
Music by - Elton John ㅣ Lyrics –Tim Rice
Book - Linda Woolverton, David Henry Hwang
Choreography – Wayne Cilento
Set Design & Costumes - Bob Crowley
Lighting Design – Natasha Katz
Associate Director– Keith Alexander Batten l Residence Associate Director – Kolleen Park
Residence Associate Music Director – MinYoung Oh
Associate Choreographer– Tracy Langran CoreaㅣResidence Associate Choreographer– ByungGwun Moon

. The brilliant melody from love triangle invades front of house Yeonhap News
. The musical shows stage esthetic essence! Herold Economy
. Splendid lighting magic for 150mins Kyunghayang News
. Stage was fulfilling with lighting, house stunned and shock! Chosun Ilbo
. The best of the best musical that pinch the entire of sense system in your body. moriya**
. It is worth to say that is the best performance dew**
. Never disappoint me whenever I watch the ! Stage, music, lights and dance which are just perfect ramd**
. If I did not see this, I would regret for my life. I was happy for every moment during the performance seungyea**
. The musical touching my heart, ears and eyes! vywjdg**
. I got goosebumps from the 1st number of the performance! Automatic stand ovation at the end! I could not take my breath and eye away from the show not even a second. wldls1**


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  240, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul