The Play, Heisenberg

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The Play, Heisenberg

  15, , Jong-ro 33-gil , Jongno-gu , Seoul  

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Apr. 24, 2018 ~ May. 20, 2018
Doosan Art Center, Yongkang Hall
Age Group
middle school students and older
80 minutes
R : 37,500
S : 26,250


The writer of the global hit play, <The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time>, Simon Stephen’s brand-new play is to be premiered! 
The play, <Heisenberg> has been acclaimed as ‘the best play of the year’ as ‘it delivers the best moment to audiences,’ since its premiere at Manhattan’s Theater Club.

Life full of uncertainty, the play, <Heisenberg>
Based on a German physicist, Heisenberg’s ‘principles on uncertainty,’ the play <Heisenberg> suggests that it is unpredictability that makes human life beautiful and humans become better off when they are together than isolated through depicting Alex and George who ran across each other by chance.
At a crowded train station in London,
Among the crowd, an impetuous and rough young man, George approaches Alex who is sitting on a bench on impulse and begins an unexpected relation.
The unexpected and special encounter of the two leads them to an unforeseen path of life, which changes their life drastically.

“Uncertainty in life is not always a bad thing.”


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  15, , Jong-ro 33-gil , Jongno-gu , Seoul