The musical, [Dianosaur Taru]

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The musical, [Dianosaur Taru]

  870 , Dongnam-ro , Gangdong-gu , Seoul  

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Jan. 12, 2019 ~ Mar. 03, 2019
Gangdong Arts Center - Grand Hall - HanGang
Age Group
24 months and up
70 minutes
VIP : 29,700
R : 24,750
S : 19,800


There comes a real dinosaur!
At a primitive tribe’s village, a million year ago, there is Rena who was scolded by his dad, the chief of the tribe, for the failure of hunting due to fear. While heading to the cave in frustration, Rena falls asleep looking at the fossils of mother-son dinosaurs hugging each other. During the Cretaceus period 6,500 million years ago, Taru and Spino decide to go up the mountain following the stream of a river for fear that it would gradually dry up. As Rena wakes up, he meets Taru that he encountered on the picture drawn on the cave’s wall, which excites him. And he rescues Taru in danger due to the attack from three velociraptors. Taru and Rena become friends as such. With Spino and Parki, they take a long journey to the mountain to find out the secret of the drying river.. A legend-like and beautiful story told by living dinosaurs and humans.


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  870 , Dongnam-ro , Gangdong-gu , Seoul