The musical,〈The man appeared and vanished like a flash〉

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The musical,〈The man appeared and vanished like a flash〉

  387 , Toegye-ro , Jung-gu , Seoul  

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Feb. 06, 2018 ~ Apr. 15, 2018
Chungmu Art Hall, Middle Theater Black
Age Group
8 and up
110 minutes
R : 60,000
S : 40,000


Dream is lubricant for enduring the banality of life, this is about that dream!
The musical, <The Man Appeared and vanished like a flash> comes to see you with the 2018 spring!

Living in an age of uncertainty, we are not allowed to dream of our own?!
To weary people living in this age, the musical comes that will provide bright and bittersweet laughter. In 1987 when everything was changing, this is a shining story of people who gathered at ‘Saetbyeol Coffee Shop’ and dreamt of uncertain dreams! The creative musical, <The Man Appeared and vanished like a flash> begins performing at the middle-sized theater, Black of the Chungmu Art Center on Feb. 6th, 2018.

Led by Kim Tae Hyung as a director filled with fresh sensibility and also with the participation of Oh Se Hyuk as writer, and Damiro as composer, the musical will provide those trapped in everyday routines with pleasures and inspiration about the moment of dreaming.

Extraordinarily abnormal, he is coming!
A pleasing and heartwarming human drama presented by veteran musical actors! 

“I used to escape to the past. To the time when everyone smoothed my hair…” The moment when confronted with ‘myself’ in the past, the dream begins!

Seung Dol, who has been pursuing the dream of becoming a movie director, gets frustrated by the reality that does not allow his dream. When he is about to give up everything, he returns back to 1987’s Saetbyeol Coffee shop where he met ‘the man’ and confronts himself in the past. To those suffering from uncertainty of future, the man tells that one should dream with all. Who was that man that came and went like a flash?!


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  387 , Toegye-ro , Jung-gu , Seoul