The musical, Doctor Zhivago

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The musical, Doctor Zhivago

  240, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul  

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Feb. 27, 2018 ~ May. 07, 2018
Charlotte Theater
Age Group
8 and up
170 minutes
VIP : 140,000
R : 120,000
S : 90,000
A : 60,000


The brilliant and great epic of inspiration
The musical, <Doctor Zhivago>

Masterpiece of our generation and winner of the Nobel Prize!
The novel prize winner in literature of 1958, Boris Pasternak’s only full-length novel
Recreated into a film by David Lynn in 1965, it broke the box office record and won five Academy awards.
Adopted into a musical by the world’s top-notch creative team and producers, it was premiered in Australia in 2010 and Asia premiered in Korea in 2012 with the cast of Cho Seung Woo and Hong Gwang Ho that had gone a long run over 160 performances. In 2015, it finally was performed at the Broadway Theater, the hometown of musical.

An epic of love taking place during the tumultuous time of the Russian revolution and war
Music by Lucy Simon that interprets the love between Yuri Zhivago and Lala in a breathtaking and beautiful way
The 2018 return of the musical, <Doctor Zhivago> will fascinate audiences in Korea once more!

The fateful love blossomed during the revolution!
Yuri Zhivago, a doctor and poet who lived a turbulent life during the Russian revolution
And a passionate and beautiful woman who fell in love with him, Lala
Their love story presents endless impression to audiences beyond generation.

“Your eyes are the stars and your voice is the wind…”
With poetic lyrics, beautiful melody of music, and heart-breaking story
The return of the musical, <Doctor Zhivago> with an upgrade of the eye-catching stage

In Feubruary, 2018, the brilliant inspiration appealing to all generation is to begin!


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  240, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul