WAPOP [Collaboration Of K-Drama & K- Pop]

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WAPOP [Collaboration Of K-Drama & K- Pop]

Tickets & Offers Tickets & Offers

Jan. 15, 2015 ~ Dec. 31, 2016
Children Grand Park Dome Art Hall
Age Group
3 years-old above
75 minutes
R : 120,000
S : 100,000
A : 90,000


Korean representative Hallyu (Korean-wave) cultural show

Image guide performed by Lee, Byung-hun, Korean world star
With Lee, Byung-hun, Korean world star, who join in the WAPOP train to guide Korean culture, Love theme travel will provide you with beautiful memory

Glamorous performance of famous K-POP hit songs and live concert of O.S.T (Soap opera) are prepared.
- 24K (Two-Four-K)
- Tails

- The destined love
- My love from the star

-Interactive B-boy Performance realized via cutting-edge mechanism!
The first Interactive B-boy performance realized via cutting edge lighting and sound system.!
BWB Family who across image and real world will show how WAPOP Train is generated.

-LED Dance Performance with fantastic laser show!
Colorful LED Dance Performance with a large-scaled laser show never attempted in other regular stage!
Restrained dance performed by BWB Family with 1:1 scaled realistic WAPOP TRAIN

-B-Boying mixed with Gayaguem's melody and dynamic beat and dubstep
O.S.T from soap opera will be played by Gayaguem, Korean traditional instrument, and impression of soap opera will be re-generated in new way by BWB (Blue Wale Brothers), the final winner of Korean Got Talent-Season 2.

The new landmark of Hallyu culture! The World’s 1st Hallyu exclusive stage
WAPOP hall, which opened in 2013 May as WPOP exclusive stage, can accommodate 1,640 seats. With the world’s first 260 degree panorama image system, cutting-edge lighting and sound system, and renewed theater and auxiliary facility, the hall is recognized as rising Mecca of Hallyu.

Maeil Economy
’WAPOP’, New K-Culture leading the World’s Hallyu trend
Herald Economy
‘WAPOP’, ‘Soap Opera + Music’
Emerging as a new Hallyu theme performance

• It is really great. There is screen even on the ceiling. Soap opera popping up in the middle of way was really fantastic. –Jiari (CN)
• Tears flowed upon finishing the performance. I called my friends and told them to come and see too. –Wangbin (CN)
• Stage was impressive as I could feel dynamic enthusiasm of artist.
I will tell K-POP fan in Japan about this awesome concert. - 堤 孝一郎 (JP)
• This is my second travel to WAPOP, after 28th December in last year. It was a great memory. - 小松 敬 (JP)
• This is what I wanted K-drama with K-POP WOW! - Jennifer Park (US)