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100th National Sports Festival

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Celebrating its 100th anniversary, the 100th National Sports Festival will be taking place in Seoul this year.

The very first venue for the very first festival back in 1920, Seoul is will once again the host the 100th National Sports Festival this October in celebration of its 100th anniversary.

By hosting the national sports festival this year, Seoul has made a mark in the history of sports as the city in which the 100th anniversary is to be celebrated.

Don't miss out on this chance to come shout and cheer for the athletes, and join in on one of the most historical and significant celebration of the 100th National Sports Festival happening this year in Seoul! 


The History of National Sports Festival

The History of National Sports Festival

The first sporting event to happen since the founding of Joseon Sports Council on Jul. 13, 1920, Joseon Sports Festival was the first festival to be held in Baejae Gobo Stadium as an all-Korean baseball game taking part as an activist movement against Japan.

Although it started out as a single event competition, the Joseon Sports Festival developed into a multi-sporting event featuring 5 different sports like soccer, baseball, tennis, basketball, track and field in 1925. After the success of the festival during that particular year, the event grew bigger and bigger. However, it failed to develop further and led its last 18th festival in 1938 before it was completely suspended by Japan's oppression of Korea.

The History of National Sports Festival

The celebration of Korea's liberation in 1945 led to the revival of festival and the 26th sports festival was held in December of that same year. That festival also doubled as a celebration event of Korea's independence, marking a major event in Korea's history.

On Aug. 15, 1948, the 29th festival took place in celebration of the establishment of the Korean government and since then was officially renamed to "National Sports Festival" and was hosted throughout the various cities and provinces of activists in Korea.

The History of National Sports Festival

Although the 31st National Sports Festival was canceled in 1950 due to the Korean War, the next 32nd festival was held in a large scale celebration that shook the entire country. With the 1953 armistice and gradual stabilization of society, the sports festival began to grown even bigger in both significance and scale.

The torch for the festival was first brought into the 36th festival at the suggest of Dr. Lee Sang-baek. Lit up at Chanseongdan Altar in Manisan, a site rich with historical relics and stories, the torch is then carried to the main stadium of the sports festival each year.


Grand Opening

Grand Opening

The National Sports Festival is scheduled to take place for 7 days from Oct. 4th to Oct 10th, 2019 in 72 different stadiums and venues to host 72 different sporting competitions. Featuring over 30,000 contestants representing 17 participating cities and provinces, the sports festival will be hosted by Korean Sport & Olympic Committee and sponsored by Seoul Metropolitan Government, Seoul Ministry of Education, and Seoul Sports Council.

- National Sports Festival Sport Categories -

DivisionSports Categories
Record CompetitionRecord Matches (21)Golf, Korean Archery, Modern Pentathlon, Dancesport, Roller Skating, Bowling, Shooting, Rock Climbing, Water Ski Wakeboarding, Swimming, Equestrian, Archery, Weightlifting, Yacht, Track & Field, Cycling, Rowing, Triathlon, Gymnastics, Canoe, Finswimming
Tournament CompetitionTeam Matches (8)Basketball, Rugby, Volleyball, Sepak Takraw, Baseball/Softball, Football, Hockey, Handball
Individual/Team Matches (9)Kendo, Go, Badminton, Squash, Aerobics, Soft Tennis, Table Tennis, Tennis, Fencing
Individual Matches (7)Billiards, Wrestling, Boxing, Korean Wrestling, Wushu, Judo, Taekwondo
Exhibition Game (2)Bodybuilding, Taekkyeon

The Symbol of National Sports Festival

- Emblem -

The Symbol of National Sports Festival

A design commemorating the 100th anniversary and celebrating the participatory atmosphere of the citizens in the 100th National Sports Festival, the emblem logo utilizes the number 100 as a double lane race track and Mobius strip to symbolize the unlimited advancement of Korean sports and the harmonious partnership between hosts and participating athletes in this national event.

The S-shaped torch represents the vibrant history, tradition, and culture of Seoul and everyone's brilliantly burning wish for the success of the sports festival. 

- Haetti -


Haetti, a name created from the combination of Seoul mascot “Haechi” and the Korean word for friend “Atti”, delivers a hopeful message that people will be able to enjoy the 100th National Sports Festival together with good friends.

TIP. When and where will the opening ceremony take place?

The opening ceremony will start as a preliminary event and take place on Oct. 4th at Jamsil Sports Complex from 16:50 to 19:50. The main events of the opening ceremony will take place later during sunset (estimated time 18:12) and will continue on until 19:60 as part of a 60-minute night event. 

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* Source : 100th National Sports Festival Official Website