Baeksasil Valley and a Dream-like Village: Jongno Buamdong-gil

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백사실계곡 밑 낙원 같은 동네: 종로 부암동길
Baeksasil and a Dream-like Village: Jongno Buamdong-gil

Many say that Buamdong-gil is like a dream or even a paradise like neighborhood. There are trees and streams and Korean apple trees and ivy that greet visitors.  Located northwest of Gyeongbokgung Palace, this special neighborhood has been relatively untouched by urbanization for several reasons and holds precious memories.  Explore the cafe street and also the Baeksasil Valley.

The name "Buamdong-gil" comes from the tale of a boulder. The boulder is on a steep incline and somewhat slippery, but there is a saying that if you take a clean and flat stone and rub it against the boulder as many times as your age, your wish will come true if the stone stays in place. Legend has it that one woman prayed fervently for her husband who was at war with the Mongols. After months of fervently pouring our her wishes, the stone suddenly clicked in place and a few days later, the husband came home.


Buamdong is a place where you can experience both nature and culture in one go. There are streets of cozy and warm cafes as you go up the hill, and in fact, the coffee shop from the popular drama "Coffee Prince" is located on Buamdong street. There are also some peculiar attractions such as the chopstick gallery and wax figure gallery. Also, don't be suprised to see clusters of famous restaurants that are frequently mentioned in food guides.


① Boulder ② Yun Dong-ju Cultural Center ③ Cafe from the popular Korean drama "Coffee Prince."

④ Due to the steep hills, it's best to wear comfortable shoes. ⑤ Cute neighborhood maps.

The name "Baeksasil" comes from the pseudonym of the famous literary figure, Lee Hang Bok, during the Joseon dynasty. The path to Baeksasil Valley from Buamdong is almost like finding your way to a secret garden. For a moment, the cute and cozy houses start to disappear and a huge thick forest appears before your eyes. With the tranquil peace that Mt. Inwangsan and Bugaksan exude, people in the past called this area by "Mugye", which translates to "paradise."

A big reason why the charm of Buamdong-gil is being preserved is because the Blue House is close by. Thanks to the development restriction zone in the military district, there are hardly any newly built or tall buildings. It can be a bit burdensome when it comes to transportation, but it is much less crowded compared to the neighboring Samcheong-dong area.

① The beginning of Buamdong-gil (Changuuimun Gate) 

② Clear stream from Baeksasil Valley

Seochon Neighborhood



As you head over to Buamdong-gil from Gyeongbokgung Palace, you will run into an area called "Seochon." Sure, you could take a car and get to buamdong-gil quickly, but going by foot may prove to be a more meaningful experience as you will be able to see parts of korean modern history left intact.  


Extra Information

Subway : Line 3, Gyeongbokgung Station, Exit 3

Buses:: 1020, 7022, 7212, Jongno 13


Jongno Tours : (Korean)


Inquiries : 02-2148-1114

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