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Bakeries famous for their Sliced Bread



A couple of Seoul bakeries have been popping up our radar for their sliced bread. From using organic, fermented dough to playing around and mixing together different kinds of ingredients, these three bakeries have become very well-known for their unique sliced bread.




잼바른빵 아이콘


Bread for a Meal



식부관 내부전경


Located in Sinsa-dong, Sigbugwan is a bakery owned by Dan Kim, the chef and owner of the famous French restaurant, “Toc Toc”. Wanting to make bread that went well with his cuisine, he took it upon himself to study and master the art of baking. According to him, he discovered the wonders of bread when he made some French toast for his staff using some leftover dough. Sigbugwan became not only a place to sell bread but a place to continually experiment with the art of baking. The “natural”, “plain”, and “rich” bread have come to represent the bakery of Sigbugwan. 


식부관 내추럴, 플레인, 리치 3종류의 빵


Chef Kim states that the best way to eat bread differs by the bread type. “‘Plain’ bread is best eaten as a sandwich. ‘Natural’ bread should be eaten by itself or toasted so one can savor its delicate flavor. ‘Rich’ bread should be eaten together with something as thick and creamy as foie gras to bring out its best flavor." Only found and sold in Sigbugwan, “La Chambre aux Confitures” is a series of 6 jams carefully selected by Chef Kim to go with his bread. He recommends eating the “Rich” bread with the salted butter caramel jam spread, topped with slices of figs and bananas.


전화 아이콘  +82-2-542-3032

위치 아이콘  1F, 36 Dosan-daero 49-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul





삼색식빵 아이콘


The Oldest Sliced Bread Bakery

Kyoto Marble


교토마블 내부전경


Lately, there have been many new bakeries gaining popularity for their delectable sliced bread, but Kyoto Marble has already made its mark as the place for sliced bread since 2015. Nestled in the cozy neighborhood of Ichon, this bakery has been producing its famed Danish bread by repeatedly kneading, folding, and cutting the dough over 100 times every single day. Due to their perseverance, their 64-layer Danish bread has a very distinct marbling and a very moist, dense texture, making this bread a little heavier than the ones found elsewhere.


교토마블 삼색, 녹차팥 식빵


Visitors can choose from a wide range of flavors such as plain, maple, cheese, green tea, nutella, cinnamon, black sesame, etc. Their bread also goes well served as a base for Egg Benedict with bacon. Starting this March, visitors can enjoy Kyoto Marble’s Danish bread in a whole, new way. Their newest menu, “Fuwa Fuwa Toast”, is a Danish bread that has the texture of pudding! It's highly recommended to eat this bread with slices of bananas and berries!


전화 아이콘  +82-2-3785-2002

위치 아이콘  B1, 69 Seobinggo-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul





휘퍼 아이콘


A Bakery That Sells Baking Tools



캐비넷 내부전경


Cabinet is a unique little bakery that sells both baked goods and baking equipment. The cafe part of the bakery has many different types of bread on its menu, including two types of plain sliced bread called “Japanese” and “French”, “Butter”, “Rice”, “Buona”, “Basil Onion”, and “Corn Cheese”. The best way to enjoy sliced bread is to eat it hot off the pan. If requested, the bakery will toast the bread for their customers in their special Balmuda toaster.


캐비넷 식빵


Their toast with a dollop of French gourmet butter is their most popular thing on the menu. Depending on the bread, different temperatures are used to bring out the different textures. The thing to take note about Cabinet is how all its baking tools are stacked in neat, pristine rows.On top of baking equipment, this store also sells baking ingredients like flour and brands of salt that aren’t easily found around Korea, such as Maldon Sea Salt and Guerande.


전화 아이콘  +82-2-322-2802

위치 아이콘  1-2F, 78 World Cup buk-ro 6-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul





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