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A more convenient and automated future is not far off. Visitors to Seoul can get a glimpse of the automated future at convenience stores throughout the city. Korean convenience stores cater to every need and they're even a great place to grab a bite to eat. At certain convenience stores, there are large sections devoted to self-serve meals. Emart 24 is one of the major chains that offer automated food service and there is a location at COEX as well as other locations in the city. Convenience stores are a great, quick option for travelers who want to have a quick bite while sightseeing. See what the future has in store at Seoul's convenience stores!




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Better Than Pre-Packaged Dosirak

Quick Dosirak


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A visit to any convenience store will show the range of pre-packaged dosirak that are available in Korea. Though the bar has been raised for ready meals in recent years, nothing beats a meal that's prepared as ordered. At several Emart 24 locations in Seoul, there are food corners where visitors can order a dosirak and have it made on the spot. The ordering system is similar to Korean food courts; order and pay at the counter then take the receipt to the foor corner. Present the receipt and the employee will prepare each meal as ordered.


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There are several menu options to choose from and all are reasonably priced. Visitors can expect to pay less than 10,000 won for an entire meal. One pre-packaged dosirak averages about 5,000 won. The convenience and price points at convenience stores are hard to beat! Stop by an Emart 24 or With Me convenience stores for a warm, filling meal.


상단 메뉴 바


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Bulgogi dosirak / jeyuk-bokkeum (stir-fried pork) dosirak 5,000 won
Bul-hamburg steak deopbap (rice bowl) / spam & kimchi deopbap (rice bowl) 3,500 won





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Self-Serve Grilled Sandwiches

DIY Sandwiches


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Rice is a staple of Korean meals, but sandwiches are wildly popular as well. Visitors who aren't in the mood for rice can opt for a sandwich instead. The sandwich is prepared behind the counter of the food corner, but grilling is left up to the customer. Many convenience stores will have an array of toaster ovens and toasters available to use. Visitors can order a sandwich and grill it the perfection right inside the store.


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Toast 1,500 won
Ham & egg sandwich 2,500 won
Chicken & ham ciabatta / double ham & cheese ciabatta 4,000 won





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Eat in Privacy



이마트24 혼밥존


Eating with others can be great, but sometimes it's more convenient to eat alone. There is a trendy Korean term for eating alone, "honbap." Try honbap in true Korean style at convenience stores. Convenience stores that have food corners will also have dining areas with seating. Counter seats come with sliding partitions so that patrons can enjoy some privacy and honbap. Try it out by pulling out the partitions and inserting it in the space divider. Once the partitions are up, indulge in honbap and enjoy eating in peace.


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Convenience stores are truly convenient in many ways. One fantastic feature that wired travelers will appreciate are the charging stations that are available at to use free of charge. The electric outlets only fit 220v Korean plugs but there are USB outlets as well as charging pads for wireless charging. Use that smartphone or tablet without a second thought to battery life! When the battery runs low, pop into a convenience store for a bite to eat and recharge.





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Self-Serve Coffee

Drip Coffee & Latte Art


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Delicious drip coffee for less than the cost of a vending machine drink? It sounds to good to be true, but at many convenience stores in Seoul, it's reality. Not only is the coffee freshly brewed, patrons can choose beans from a variety of origins. There are varietals from South America and Africa and the price starts at just 500 won.


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Try adding a customized latte art image onto your cafe latte. No barista or art skills necessary! Latte art is typically made by creating an image on top of the milky foam that is typical of latte drinks. At convenience stores in Seoul, latte art can be added by automated machine. It's simple enough to do, first download the Coffee Ripples app. Then choose a photo from your phone and upload the photo to the machine. In just minutes an edible work of art will be ready to drink.


상단 메뉴 바


하단 메뉴 바

Brazil Cerrado coffee R 500 won / L 1,000 won
Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Kenya origin coffees 1,000 won
+Ice 500 won charge
Latte art 2,500 won





바코드 리더기 아이콘


Self-Serve Payment Kiosk

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Self-serve payment kiosks are becoming a common sight at convenience stores. Manned cash registers can often mean waiting in long lines but automated kiosks can help cut down on waiting times. Emart 24 was the first convenience store chain in Korea to introduce self-check out systems in their stores. Shop and pay with ease at self-serve kiosks.






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