Eating Out at Yeontral Park

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Eating Out at Yeontral Park

Enjoy Autumn at Yeontral Park in Yeonnam-dong



As the autumn season brings cooler weather and colorful foliage, visitors to Seoul should head to one of the city's beautiful parks to spend some downtime. Located in Yeonnam-dong is one of Seoul's most popular parks. Officially named the Gyeongui Line Forest Park, locals more often use the name "Yeontral Park," in a nod to the famous Central Park in New York City. The park has since become a popular green space and there are countless cafes, shops and eateries to visit at the park. Visit one of the area's fantastic restaurants and have a picnic at Yeontral Park!




스테이크 아이콘


The Place for Take-Out Steak

W Hand Steak


연남동 더블핸스테이크


W Hand Steak is famous in Seoul as the place to go for take-out steak in Yeonnam-dong. The steak is served in a fun and convenient setup, a drinks cup is topped with a plate that holds the steak and vegetables. It's a great way to eat and wander the park. Try Yeonnam-dong's famous steak and see how Seoulites relax at Yeontral Park!



반짝이 아이콘 Eating Out


연남동 더블핸스테이크 가게와 메뉴


1. Steak

Steak and vegetables topped with a special sauce. Rice cooked to perfection. It's an unbeatable combination. The steak is sliced into bite-sized pieces before being served, and the meat is tender and well-seasoned. Stop by W Hand Steak for tasty food and a meal-to-go in true Seoulite-style.


2. Value

Filling and available at a reasonable price, the steak and drink combo is a great value meal.



메뉴 아이콘 Menu Items


연남동 더블핸스테이크(부채살 스테이크, 목등심 스테이크)


1. Flat Iron Steak

The steak is flavorful and perfectly seasoned. It comes with a side of vegetables.


2. Sirloin Steak

Tender and flavorful, the sirloin steak also comes with a side of vegetables.



피크닉 아이콘 Picnicking


연남동 더블핸스테이크


Worry about balancing food and drink no longer! With W Hand Steak's cool combo dish and cup, it's simple and convenient to eat outdoors or while walking.


icon_clock  Wait Times : Lines can be long at lunch and dinner hours. The cook time for steak is about 5 minutes.

icon_cash_money  Shoulder steak 7,900 won / striploin, rib, sirloin steak 8,900 won / lobster & steak 12,900 won

icon_location  30 Yanghwa-ro 23-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul





시리얼 아이콘


Tasty with Adorable Packaging



연남동 WYCN


WYCN specializes in cereal. The letters in WYCN stand for, “What’s Your Cereal Number?” The store's name is a play on words as WYCN sells cereal that can be ordered by serial numbers. There are 35 different varieties of cereal to choose from, as well as different types of milk, yogurt, toppings, and sauces. Diners can make custom cereal creations at Yeonnam-dong's newest hotspot!



반짝이 아이콘 Eating Out


연남동  WYCN 매장사진, 시리얼들


1. A Light Treat

Cereal is a great, light meal. With so many varieties of cereal to choose from, diners are truly spoiled for choice. WYCN offers yogurt as well, and it is even made on-site. Seasonal offerings include warm oatmeal for chilly days.


2. Visual Appeal

From interior design to packaging, everything about WYCN is aesthetically pleasing. This photogenic storefront is popular with young Seoulites on social media. Any search of #WYCN will uncover numerous posts about the cereal shop.





메뉴 아이콘 Menu Items


연남동 WYCN 시리얼 메뉴


1. Chocolate Cereal Combo

This cereal is best for diners with a major sweet tooth. Chocolate-flavored cereal is drizzled with nutella. This combo is perfect for chocoholics. The serial number is 13-14-20-03-01.


2. Basic Cereal Combo

The basic cereal combo only uses cereals that are relatively low in sugar content. This combo is a great brunch option. The serial number is 09-17-03-02-03.



피크닉 아이콘 Picnicking


연남동 WYCN


Each order of cereal comes with an informative cereal pamphlet and a clear plastic bag. WYCN makes for a quick and easy meal as well as a fast clean-up. Just throw your things in the plastic bag and deposit it in the nearest trash can.


icon_clock  Wait Times : 2 min. to select and package cereal.

icon_cash_money  6,000 won per bowl, includes choice of one of each : Cereal, topping, whole grain, syrup 

icon_location  Yeonnam-dong 384-11, Mapo-gu, Seoul





샌드위치 아이콘


Vietnam in Yeonnam-dong

Lie Lie Lie


연남동 라이라이라이


Yeonnam-dong is famous for being home to many quirky, cool, and independently owned restaurants and stores. Though competition is fierce, Lie Lie Lie stands out from the crowd. Specializing in Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches, each order is made by hand at the restaurant. The banh mi are topped with cilantro but this can be taken out on request.



반짝이 아이콘 Eating Out


연남동 라이라이라이 매장사진, 메뉴(반미 샌드위치)


1. Vietnamese Atmosphere

Decorated with Vietnamese-style lanterns and painted in soothing ivory tones, Lie Lie Lie is a little gem of an eatery. Diners can purchase iced tea, Saigon beer, and other treats. In addition to Vietnamese items, there are also Southeast Asian items on offer.


2. Convenient

Any food that requires cooking is bound to take some time to prepare. However, banh mi has a relatively short prep time, which means relatively short wait times for diners. A sandwich may be the ultimate portable food; order a banh mi and eat away while walking Yeontral Park.



메뉴 아이콘 Menu Items


연남동 라이라이라이 반미샌드위치


1. Cold Cut Banh Mi

A basic but delicious banh mi option, the cold cut banh mi is a typical Vietnamese sandwich that is full of crispy vegetables and Vietnamese sausage. The sausages are made Vietnamese-style at the restaurant.


2. Spicy Pork Banh Mi

Salty and spicy, the pork banh mi is made with pork belly, vegetables, and seasonings. Due to its generous helpings of pork, diners may find themselves full after eating just half of the sandwich.



피크닉 아이콘 Picnicking


연남동 라이라이라이


Sandwiches are the quintessential picnic food. Sit down on an empty patch of grass and enjoy a tasty banh mi while soaking in the Yeontral Park atmosphere.


icon_clock  Wait Times : 5 min. Prep time for the cold cut banh mi is shorter than the spicy pork.

icon_cash_money  5,500 won

icon_location  Yeonnam-dong 227-5, Mapo-gu, Seoul





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