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GOT7 are a group of seven international members from Korea, the US, Hong Kong and Thailand. From May to August of this year, they successfully completed a world tour in 17 cities overseas, including in Asia, Europe and North America, proving that they are Korea’s leading idol group. Recently their official social networking channel posted an image of all the tracks on their upcoming album, 「Present: YOU & ME」, a title which indicates, “The best gift of GOT7’s life is fans”. Let's follow in the footsteps of GOT7, who constantly communicate with their fans through VLIVE despite their busy schedule practicing their overflowing love for fans

Tour Course

Jilhal Bros – Mark Lane Coffee – Eungbongsan Pagoda – Elephant Bowling Center



If you want to meet Yugyeom’s soul food

Jilhal Bros



Jilhal Bros, located near the former office of JYP, GOT7’s entertainment company, is Yugyeom’s favorite place. Ever since he was a trainee, he has frequently visited the establishment when he wasn’t busy. He has even showed his affection for Jilhal Bros on VLIVE. Jilhal Bros appears as a related keyword of Yugueom, which proves that it is truly soul food for him. Yugyeom recommends the Combo Rice, which is sprinkled and mixed white sauce over chicken, lamb, lettuce, tomato, jalapenos, pita bread and rice. He also emphasized to his fans that they need to add a lot of white sauce to make it tastier.


Jilhal Bros

  Address: 1F 32 Apgujeongro 79 Gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

  Operating Hours: 11:00-22:00

  Contact: +82-2-542-1422

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Time to get to know coffee’s taste

Mark Lane Coffee



V LIVE’s 「GOT7's Hard Carry」 episode was filmed at Mark Lane Coffee, a two-story roastery cafe in the heart of Apgujeong Rodeo Street. Befitting of a place that roasts its own beans, when you first enter the café, a nutty coffee fragrance welcomes you. A drip bar will capture your eyes with baristas hand dripping coffee, and seats right next to the large window is the perfect place to take photos with its optimal lighting. Mark Lane Coffee is famous for hand drip and cold brew, which are all made by the baristas. People who do not know about coffee can also be recommended coffee that suits their taste.


Mark Lane Coffee

  Address: 23-5 Seongreungro 157 Gil Gangnam-gu Seoul

  Operating Hours: Mon-Sat 10:00-23:00, Sun 10:00-22:00

  Contact: +82-2-516-5202

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It can’t be any better, the best path for a walk

Eungbongsan Pagoda



The night view from the Eungbongsan Pagoda is considered to be one of the three major night views of Seoul, along with the Samcheong-dong road and Konkuk University’s Ilgamho. Eungbongsan is also the place where Jackson hiked a mountain at night with Monsta X Joohyeon on V LIVE’s episode 「Flower Bro」 . You can reach Eungbongsan Pagoda Exit 1 of Eungbong Station, going through the artificial rock wall park and a wooden staircase for about 30 minutes. Eungbong Mountain is not a challenging course, as it is a relatively a short hike of only 94 meters above sea level. The mountain is also a place where you can catch a glimpse of a city that does not sleep, including views of Namsan and the Han River which spreads widely in the distance. No matter which season you come to visit, each season’s charm can be fully enjoyed.



Eungbongsan Pagoda

Address  Address: 271 Eungbongdong Seongdonggu Seoul

Hours  Operating Hours: 365 days 00:00-24:00

Inquiry  Contact: +82-2-2286-6061



Wanna bowl just like GOT7?

Elephant Bowling Center



If you want to enjoy working out at a pleasant place like the members of GOT7, you can check out Elephant Bowling Center located in Chungmuro. V LIVE’s 「Got7ing」 bowling episode features members splitting into different teams to bowl. You can play darts and use the cafe while waiting for your turn to bowl, all while enjoying the very clean facilities. The alley is located about a 10 minute walk from Myeongdong Station. Also, as the alley is close to Namsan and Euljiro it serves as a meeting place for office workers after work on weekdays and has become a dating spot for couples on weekends.


Elephant Bowling Center

  Address: Heungguk Building 166 Toegyero Junggu Seoul

  Operating Hours: Mon-Thu 10:30-02:00, Fri-Sat 10:30-03:00, Sun 10:30-24:00

  Contact: +82-2-2268-6073

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※ Please note that this article was published in November 2018 and the above information is subject to change at any time.