Healthy Ways to Enjoy Seoul Nights

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What comes to mind when you hear the term “Seoul” and “nightlife”? You might think of a city that never sleeps, streets full of 24/7 cafes and bars, and places constantly abuzz with activities and electric lights.

But, there's more to it than just that. Recently, nightlife in Seoul has been shifting towards more healthier options. Don’t just stop at eating and drinking your nights out here in the city. Shape up and join in on the vibrant health culture of Seoul, too!



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The first thing that comes to mind when you think of big cities are their landmarks. There’s N Seoul Tower for Seoul, The Louvre for Paris, and Statue of Liberty for New York. But instead of a landmark, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Bali is yoga.

Yoga. It’s so popular in Bali that when you search the term “Bali”, “yoga” comes up as a related search word. These days, more and more people have been seeking to make their trips healthier, looking into and adding local activities like yoga, swimming, and ballet into their travel itinerary. It's probably the fastest way for visitors to immerse themselves into a foreign culture. Instead of doing the same old thing like shopping in Myeongdong and eating BBQ and soju at night, try out some other healthier activities when visiting Seoul.




It’s not hard at all to insert a health-related activity into your Seoul trip. Staple yoga classes like hot yoga, Ashtanga yoga, and aerial yoga can be easily found anywhere. And recently, newer theme-based yoga classes like night yoga have been trending and popping up everywhere, too. 

There are plenty of options when it comes to yoga classes in Seoul. There’s sunset yoga, forest yoga, yoga done floating on top of Hangang River, and yoga done during the festivals. Overall, Seoul is full of healthy activities to do this summer.





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City Yoga: Yoga in the City




These aren’t just your everyday yoga classes. In Seoul, there are plenty of themed yoga classes to find and enjoy. Both beginners and experts can opt to try out rooftop yoga on top of a building, beer yoga with a bottle in their hands, or enjoy outdoor yoga classes in the heart of the city. Founded in Berlin, beer yoga is a new type of yoga which incorporates beer bottles into the yoga poses and instead of sipping water, yogis are made to sip beer during moments of intense concentration.




전구 아이콘 TIP > Reserve with Frip: an app constantly updated with upcoming activities like Sunset Kayak and Rooftop yoga:






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Sunset: Yoga in the Forest




Strolling through Seoul Forest on a weekday night, you can spot people rolling out their mats to do yoga. Gathering in the park during the cooler evenings, many yogis bring their mats outdoor to train individually or through groups from private yoga studios. Various yoga classes for beginners are also offered by the facilities located within Seoul Forest. Overall, this park is the perfect place to unwind, relax, and improve your health. 





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Together: Lululemon Community Class


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Lululemon, a leading brand in yoga apparel, provides free community classes within its branch stores. Located in Seoul and other major cities like Beijing, New York, and London, Lululemon’s classes are free to visitors as long as they register in advance. Not only do they offer basic yoga like Ashtanga and Vinyasa, but they also offer other running and fitness programs.

전구 아이콘 TIP > Lululemon branch stores can be found in Lotte World Mall, Cheongdam, and Parnas Mall (Yeouido), making it easy for visitors to shop before or after classes.





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All Day: Festivals and Yoga




Summer is brimming with so many festivals. But there’s one particular festival in Seoul where visitors can go to participate in a variety of programs and activities whenever they feel like it.




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Hangang Summer Festival : Hangang is your getaway!




Every summer, Hangang Summer Festival offers many programs and activities near Hangang River.




▶ 2018 Hangang Night Walk 42K

: Challenge yourself to walk all night along Hangang River




You will literally walk all night! One of the main events of Hangang Summer Festival, 2018 Hangang Night Walk is a walking event where participants can choose between the 15km, 25km, and 42km course. 
Starting in Yeouido Hangang Park, participants gather at night and walk the course along Hangang River until sunrise.  At the end of the course, food trucks and yoga programs will be on standby to feed the hungry and help participants stretch out their overworked muscles respectively.





▶ Hangang Paddle Boat

- SUP Yoga (Stand up Paddle board Yoga)




Yoga can be done floating on the water! Paddle boarding is a new kind of recreational water sport. The motions are so easy that even beginners can do it! After getting used to the paddle board, move on to the next step and give SUP yoga a try!




나무 아이콘
City Forestival


시티 포레스티벌


Fun and fitness! Having started in 2017, City Forestival is a global festival composed of health-related programs and activities such as fitness classes, therapy concerts, celebrity beauty classes, and more. There are many different classes being offered from morning to night. Come join and enjoy a class of Flow yoga, pilates, hipllet (Hip-hop + Ballet), and more.