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Cartoon Street: Myeong-dong "Jaemiro"

"Alien Baseball Team," "Run Hani," "Misaeng," "Sungjung Manhwa" (comics for young girls), "Sikgaek"...

If you asked someone to choose their favorite cartoon out of these options, you would probably be able to get a good feel for their age. Older generation Korean folks typically have a fondness for 'Maruchi Arachi' as the slightly younger generation does for 'Run Hani'. Because these characters never grow old, the childlike innocence still lives on in "Jaemiro."

  In the past, "Jaemiro" might have only been remembered as a dull, lifeless, steep hill, especially in comparison to the glitzy and flashy atmosphere of Myeong-dong. Although Jaemiro has served as a connection point for the 7 million tourists that visit Myeong-dong and Namsan each year, it remained a very neglected area for quite a while. It was only until December 2013 that it was finally given fresh life and renamed as "Jaemiro."

   The process of how Jaemiro came to be is actually a very interesting story. About 70 of Korea's best writers (veteran and rookie alike) came together to produce promotional content, free of charge. Neighborhood meetings were also held to hear the opinions of those who lived in the area.

   As for the name of the street and the cartoon cultural space, "Zaemirang", a social media campaign was organized to gain public participation. Votes were also collected on the streets of Myeong-dong. "Jaemiro" is sort of a play on words because the "ro" at the end of the word is typically attached to indicate that it is a street, but the word "Jaemiro" itself means "for fun." To Koreans, it is quite a witty and clever name.

   Jaemiro features 5 main spots: "Imagination Park" near exit 3 of Myeong-dong station, the Cartoon intersection in front of the Pacific Hotel, the story post office in front of the public parking lot, the "Jaemi" Playground, and Cartoon Hill. As soon as you come out of exit 2 or 3 of Myeong-dong station, you will immediately see the street begin. When you head in the direction of the Pacific Hotel, the road splits into two with "Jaemiro" continuing onto the left side. As you go further down, you will work laid out side by side from famous cartoonists such as Huh Young-man and Lee Hyun-se.

② Outside of Exit 3 of Myeong-dong station, look up and you will see characters from the cartoon called "Goong" created by writer, Park So-hee.

As you ascend the hill, more characters will start to make their appearance. Look for "Naeri" and "Hani" competing in a race, Dooley, and the cute no-face ghost from Spirited Away, Kaonashi. From walls to telephone poles, stairs to rooftops, you will unexpectedly encounter these cute characters everywhere. Keep your eyes open! The cute characters continue to lead the way as you head towards Cartoon Hill in Namsan.

"Jaemiro" has pretty much become a multi-purpose space where writers and fans can connect, special exhibitions are held, and cool merchandise can be found. Stop by anytime between 9 am and 6 pm. Closed on Mondays and holidays.



③ Jaemiro's" main building is "Zaemirang." Zaemirang offers cartoon exhibitions and a chance for anyone to come read cartoons, all for free! The place usually gets packed with children during summer or winter break.  

④ As you go along, you will see that the walls are packed with characters. The entire street itself is like an exhibition!

⑤⑥ Even the billboards that have characters are worth noting.

Look for the QR codes!

Scan the QR codes to learn some cool, interesting facts about "Jaemiro".


Subway: Line 4, Myeong-dong station, Exit 3

Buses: 104, 421, 463, 507, 604

Seoul Animation Center:

"Zaemirang" facebook page:

Inquiries: 02-779-6107

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