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Seoullo 7017's Tasty Treats!





서울로7017 먹거리(도토리풀빵, 장미빙수, 수국식빵, 목련다방)

From savory meals to sweet treats, visitors can enjoy a range of food at one of Seoul's newest landmarks. See the city from new vantage points and sample treats exclusive to Seoullo 7017.


요리사모자 아이콘 [Rose Bingsu] A Cold Treat for a Hot Summer : Injeolmi Bingsu

서울로7017 장미빙수 인절미빙수

Rose Bingsu specializes in the popular Korean dessert bingsu. Rose Bingsu's shaved ice is made from frozen milk, lending the bingsu a richer flavor than bingsu made with regular shaved ice. The injeolmi bingsu is a a featured menu item and this cool treat is especially refreshing during the summer months. Shaved frozen milk is topped with a generous helping of sweet red bean and pieces of injeolmi rice cakes. In addition to bingsu, visitors can also purchase sweet potato pastries, red bean pastries, and light refreshments such as coffee.

서울로7017 장미빙수 내부 인테리어

Rose Bingsu's rose pink interior makes for a wonderful dreamy backdrop when taking photos. The cafe's large windows afford visitors with great views of the city.




요리사모자 아이콘 [Acorn Sweets] Bite-Sized Acorn Sweets Exclusive to Seoullo 



서울로7017 도토리풀빵 가게와 도토리풀빵


Acorn Sweets sell their namesake snack, Acorn Sweets, from a cozy snack stand along the lower section of Seoullo 7017. The bite-sized Acorn Sweets are sweet pastries with a creamy custard filling. Grab a bag and stroll along Seoullo 7017!


서울로7017 도토리풀빵 슬러시와 현미메밀스낵


In addition to Acorn Sweets, visitors can purchase tasty whole-grain crackers, nurungji (scorched rice), cheese balls, and other savory snacks. During the hot summer months, visitors can also order slushies!




요리사모자 아이콘 [Magnolia Cafe] Organic Soft-Serve Ice Cream


서울로7017 목련다방 유기농 아이스크림


Stop by Magnolia Cafe for heavenly organic soft-serve ice cream. The ice cream is rich in flavor and so delicious that visitors may be tempted to get seconds! Order options are cup or cone and Magnolia Cafe also has drinks and other snacks available for purchase.



아이스음료 아이콘 Misutgaru : the Original Power Shake


서울로7017 목련다방 미숫가루


Misutgaru is a tradtional drink mix made from a mixture of powedered grains. Misutgaru drinks are healthy, tasty, and filling. Visitors in need of a power-up may want to try Seoullo 7017 misutgaru. The drink is exclusive to Seoullo 7017 and it's made with a special misutgaru recipe. Give Gatorade a pass and go for Seoullo 7017 misutgaru instead.




요리사모자 아이콘 [Hydrangea Bread] Freshly Grilled Sandwiches 


서울로7017 수국식빵 토스트


The delicious scents of sandwiches being toasted waft out beyond Hydrangea Bread, stopping passerby in their tracks. Korean-style grilled sandwiches are the main offering at Hydrangea Bread and sandwiches are grilled fresh on-site. Visitors can order sandwiches and eat them at the restaurant or carry them out. On days with good weather, visitors should considered ordering their sandwiches to go and eating them while taking in the city below.




요리사모자 아이콘 [7017 Seoul Bibimbap] Delicious and Satisfying Bibimbap 


서울로7017 서울화반 비빔밥과 사이드메뉴


7017 Seoul Bibimbap is the place to go at Seoullo for incredible bibimbap. This quintessential Korean dish is popular the world over, and at 7017 Seoul Bibimbap, diners can choose from a variety of different bibimbap. Two of the options are wild vegetable bibimbap and bulgogi bibimbap and there is also a seasonal bibimbap option that changes by month.



입모양 아이콘 More Than Just Bibimbap


서울로7017 서울화반 감자전


In addition to the eponymous bibimbap, there are several other Korean dishes to enjoy. Other menu items include potato jeon, dotori-muk (acorn jelly salad), makgeolli (rice wine) and beer. All of the menu items accompany bibimbap perfectly. The potato jeon for instance is a crispy treat that goes well with bibimbap.



반짝이 아이콘 Beautiful Brass Dishes and Cutlery


서울로7017 서울화반 놋그릇과 사이드메뉴


7017 Seoul Bibimbap is a casual dinery where diners can enjoy tasty food on beautiful brass bowls and dishes. The top-notch food presentation makes every meal Instagram-worthy. Don't forget 7017 Seoul Bibimbap when it comes time to eat-the restaurant offers unbeatable taste at affordable prices, all at Seoullo 7017.


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