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This year marks the 5th anniversary since BTS’s debut. From 'No More Dream', their debut song in 2013, and 'I Need You', which promoted BTS’s name to many people around the world with its 100 million views, to 'Fake Love', which was honored as the top-ranked song on Billboard’s charts, BTS has achieved great things after shedding their blood, sweat, and tears. Let’s be a proud ARMY(the name of BTS’s fan club) and follow in the footsteps of BTS in every corner of Seoul.

Tour Course

Shinchon iZone Pop – Cafe &Gather – Geujib – Achasan



the Background of BTS’s Album Cover

Shinchon iZone Pop



This premium arcade served as the background of BTS’s 3rd official album Love Yourself including their hit song 'DNA'. BTS’s uniquely addictive and outstanding music complements the ambience of iZone Pop. Then, let’s go over to the basketball court where Jimin was holding a basketball and pump and Jung-kook was sitting to feel the artists’ ambiance and warmth. This arcade operates by the hour and has various gaming facilities including coin singing rooms, wack-a-mole, arcade shooting games, and Tekken. Also, there are lockers that keep visitors’ belongings so that they can freely enjoy games.


Shinchon iZone Pop

  Address: B1 S&G Tower 19 Myungmul-gil Seodaemun-gu Seoul

  Operating Hours: 10:00~00:00

  Contact: +82-2-362-2914



If You Are an ARMY
Go for a Rosie Latte and Creamy Latte

Cafe &Gather



In Cafe &Gather, BTS made coffee on their own at the Run BTS Barista episode on V LIVE. During the missions, they made various types of drinks, but now there are only Jin’s sweet and aromatic Rosie Latte and Jimin’s soft creamy latte. The most famous part of the cafe, located in Hannam-dong, is the neon sign that you see as you walk in. BTS members took a photo underneath it, which is how it became famous. The cool pink neon sign is perfect for SNS uploads as well. There are people waiting in line to take a photo with the neon sign but I recommend waiting to have a photo. It’s worth it.



Cafe &Gather

  Address: Hannamdong Shinseong Miso City 39 Dokseodang-ro Yongsan-gu Seoul

  Operating Hours: Weekday 08:00~21:00 Weekend, Holiday 11:00~20:00

  Contact: +82-2-511-6220



Where BTS Held its 5 Year Debut Anniversary Party




This year is BTS’s 5 year anniversary. In the BTS FESTA video, the members congratulated, gave messages, and talked about what they wanted to do together in a video. The party where the video was filmed was held in Geujib in Yangjae-dong and numerous ARMYs have been here already. A cozy interior decorated with care makes visitors feel comfortable. Its signature dishes are carbonara tteokbokki and bee hive cream shrimp. Just like BTS gave toasts to celebrate its 5th anniversary, what about ordering some cool beer and tasty food and give toasts like BTS. Whoa!




주소  Address: Seojin Building 46 Gangnamdaero 34 Gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul

  Operating Hours: Mon-Sat 18:00~03:00, Sundays Off

문의  Contact: +82-2-574-8548



Where BTS Watched the Hopeful Sun Rise




Achasan is where RM and V went hiking at V LIVE Run BTS. While watching the sky becoming bluer, the daydreaming two even made viewers be at peace. Achasan, located in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, is 295.7m high and is very popular as a easily hikable mountain. The view overlooking downtown Seoul captivates the hikers. Pack light but filling lunch boxes to go to Achasan. Everytime you go, you will be able to enjoy peace from nature and the attractive landscape of Seoul. In addition, there is Acha Ecological Park, a 30 minute walk or 7 minute drive from Achasan. This city-run Ecological Park has various natural and experiential spaces, including a botanical garden, a butterfly garden, a swamp, a pine tree forest, and an ecological observation path.



  Address: Achasan Gwangjang-dong Gwangjin-gu Seoul

  Operating Hours: Daily

  Contact: Achasan Management Office +82-2-450-1655 / Acha Ecological Park +82-2-450-1192

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※ Please note that this article was published in June 2018 and the above information is subject to change at any time.