Where in Seoul is The Most Visited by Tourists?

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Myeongdong is the most visited place in Seoul by tourists. On the 12th, according to Seoul Metropolitan statistics, Myeongdong is the most frequently visited place by tourists with an 81.1% percentage.





Myeongdong Myeongdong





In addition to Myeongdong, there are Dongdaemun market (62.3%), Namsan Tower (43.1%), Palace (38.6%), Shinchon and Hongdae (33.2%), Namdaemun Market (29%), Insadong (28 %), Gangnam Station (27.1%), museums and memorials (24.3%), Jamshil and Lotte World (23.9%)





Dongdaemun Market Dongdaemun Market





When foreign tourists are divided on the basis of their nationality, the favorite places for each will be different. Tourists from China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Malaysia consider Myeongdong and Dongdaemun Market the first and second favorite places.


While Australian, American, Canadian, German, English, French, Indian and Russian tourists love the palaces.





Gyeongbokgung Palace Gyeongbokgung Palace





According to the survey area around Shincon and Hongdae visited by Hong Kong tourists as much as 55.4%, Singapore 41.6% and Malaysia 41.2%. While Middle Eastern, Indian and Russian tourists visit at least the Shinchon and Hongdae with 8.88%, 13.9%, and 17.1% respectively. In Stasuin Gangnam, there are many tourists from France (48.7%) and Germany (46.2%).





Namsan Tower





Based on age and gender, the places visited are also different. The number of visitors Myeongdong men by 71.9%, this percentage is smaller than women who come as much as 87.2%.





Namsan Tower





Meanwhile, the older the age of foreign tourists coming, the preference for Myeongdong is lowered. 91.7% of age between 15-20 years old prefer to visit Myeongdong, but the percentage of tourists aged 21-30 (86.4), 31-40 (81.5%), 41-50 (69.3%), and 51 -60 (63.0%) who visit Myeongdong has declined. Myeongdong is a place to shop. 94% of foreign tourists visiting Myeongdong as their destination for shopping.