Where to Enjoy Seoul's Night Views

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Where to Enjoy Seoul's Night Views
From day to night, Seoul puts on a different face. The stoicism of the gray buildings during the day makes itself over with the glow of the neon lights as the sun goes down. In the darkness, the lights of the Han River illuminate the faces of Seoul’s citizens looking on from the piers. If Gangnam represents city life and city energy, then Gangbuk, with all its romanticism, is the elegant figure of two lovers walking away. The presence of the past holding hands with the present – this is the charm of Seoul’s night view.

But in the mist of all these concrete alleyways, where can you best enjoy Seoul’s night view? When you’ve grown tired of the Han River and the Namsan Seoul Towers’ lights have lost all romance for you - how about we start with Sunset Park? The walk along Seoul’s fortress walls that run across the Bugak Mountain Skyway are considered a must-see tourist attraction. Past Bukchon Hanok Village, through Gwanghwamun Plaza and approaching Cheonggyecheon – you’ll hear the calm of the waters. Even in the dark of the night, Seoul’s heart beats.
Travel Information

Course : Sunset Park→Hangang Citizen's Park Banpo → Bugak Skyway•Chungwoon Park→Bukchon Hanok Village→Gwanghwamun Plaza•Cheonggye Plaza
Period of Time : 4~5 Hours

Course 1A Place to Greet the Sunset, Sunset Park

Nanjido lives as a pearl inside of World Cup Stadium. And it’s from here, the western-most point of World Cup Stadium, that you can catch Seoul’s most beautiful sunset. 노을 is Korean for Sunset and to get to 노을 or Sunset Park from the parking lot, you can take the Electronic Toad Train. Entering the park, you can get a full panoramic view of the city. You’ll be entranced by the sight of the city. With the Banghwa Bridge standing proudly in the middle of the Han River, it’s truly a breathtaking view..
Looking at the space for what it is today, you could never imagine that this place was once a landfill. Bubbling with nature and wildlife, it is also a good place for Seoul citizens to relax and set up camp. Established as a family camp first in 2008, it has filled memories and photographs since then. In the distance, the flashing lights of the cars on the Olympic Expressway whiz by, but for you, the leisure of the nightview has just stared.

Address : Seoul, Mapo-gu World Cup 243-60
Phone Number : 02-300-5500~2
Open Times : 07:00~21:00 (Sunset times will change according to season)
Homepage : (Korean)
How to get there : Take Line 6 and get off at World Cup Stadium Station. Inside Nanjin Park, you'll find Sunset Park. You can also take the Electronic Toad train to get to Sunset Park

The Streets Whose Charms Light Up at Night, Hongdae Hongdae’s nights will shock you with their life and charm. You can feel the youth and energy vibrating through the night. As you pass street performers singing out their hearts’ sincerity, you’ll be led to quaint lit-up cafes in Sangsu-dong. Locals and tourists flock excitedly towards to indulge in clubbing culture in Korea. Affordable and pulsating, these are the words that describe Hongdae nightlife.

How to get from Course 1 to Course 2
Take Line 6 from World Cup Stadium station, then transfer to the line 4 from Samgakji station. If you walk out of exit 1 of Dongjak station and keep walking, you'll get to the Han River Citizen's Park Banpo Region.
Course 2To Enjoy the harmony of the Han River and the Rainbow Bridge, Try The Han River Citizen’s Park Banpo Region

Out from the Banpo Bridge pours out a fountain of water, lit up in all colors of the rainbow, that flows into the Han River. Off in the distance, the Namsan Seoul Tower twinkles in the darkness. A sight worth a million dollars, you can hear the Rainbow Bridge like an elite orchestra of angels. Ever since the river was founded, it has had an air of romance to it. Whether you’re out for a leisurely stroll after finishing a hard day’s day, or taking part in the hiking that’s available here, the pleasures of the park are endless.
The Banpo Bridge isn’t just for those in the park. Those taking the subway, specifically the Gyeongbu or Honam line and the 1, 3, 4 and 7 trains, can enjoy the sights when getting to their destination. From the Observatory to the Chungdam Bridge, you can see the varied colors of the bridge as they send out their signals. Past the Dongjak Bridge to the high rise buildings of Yeoido, you can get lost on the Hangang Floating Islands. The Floating Islands, an architectural masterpiece of three flower themed structures, are just the finishing touch for your romantic mood of the night..

Phone Number : 02-3780-0541~3
How to Get There : Take line number 3 from Express Bus Terminal station , walk out of exit B-1 and the park will be a ten minute walk

How to enjoy the Hiking Trail at Hangang Citizen’s Park At the Hangang Citizen’s Park, there is everything from a bike trail to a place where you can canoe, swim or play family sports. It’s a safe place with a lot of space. Here, the cars of the people on the Olympic Expressway or the Gangbuk Expressway go parallel with the lives with people at the park, going by foot. You can take a good rest as you feel the life of the park and the breeze of the hike.

How to go from Course 2 to Course 3
Take the line 3 from Express Bus Terminal Station to Gyeongbukgung Station. At Exit 3 of the station, take bus 7022 where you can get off at the entrance of Jahamun.
Course 3Bugak Skyway For the Best Views of the Seoul Fortress

One could argue that the Bugak Skyway is one of the best places for a nightview of Seoul. Lit up in the darkness, the fortress wall stands proudly in the night. Past the wall are rows of houses filled by the lives of Seoul citizens. Wrapping these homes warmly are Gwanak Mountain, Namsan Mountain and Ingwangsan Mountain.
One can feel the magic spirit of the gods as you walk into Chungwoon Park and into the outdoor concert space for a bit of music. In the darkness of the night, you might feel as though the words of the academic and poet, Dongju Yu are speaking to you. Here at the outskirts of Inwangsan Mountain, there is a small pressurization system that has been turned into an award winning architecture center. From this Bugak Skyway, you can truly take a breath from the arts and culture.

How to get there : Take bus 7022 from Gyeongbukgung station in the direction of Jahamun and get off at the entrance of Jahamun

For A Bit of Charm, Try Sejong Village At Night The village west of Gyeongbukgung is where King Sejong was born, hence, we call it Sejong village. Because of its beauty and charms, many different poets and writers have been writing about this place for a long time. There is a certain elegance to seeing the sunset over the dozens of Hanok rooftops which have existed for hundreds of years. In between them are alleyways and galleries that show the vibrancy of the city. Stroll by and make sure to catch the Tongin Market, where you can test some of the best in Korean street food.

How to get from Course 3 to Course 4
Take Bus 7022 from Jahamun, get off at the Sejong Museum and walk until you get to the Bukchon Hanok Village
Course 4The Best Portrayal of a Beautiful Korean Night, Bukchon Hanok Village

The hanok is where the stories of our ancestors lie and stored there, as if a beautiful traditional Korean dress, we can find elements of elegance. Hanoks are built with environmental friendly materials, and try to harmonize with the shapes of Mother Nature. Since during the Chosun Dynasty, the Bukchon Hanok Village was a place where the influential lived, you can find an air of nobility as well. The rooftops remain, a bit disheveled and different from one another - but as you stand there and gaze at them, you can find their inner charm.
From region 5 to region 6, the alleyway walk can change from night to day. The shining glow of the Namsan Seoul Tower glances over at some of these rooftops. The balance of these two - the hanok and the Namsan Seoul Tower, is a perfect representation of the Korean nightview.

Address : Seoul, Jongro, Gyedong, Gwahwadong
How to get there : Take Line 3 and get off at Anguk Station, Exit 3

Below the Bukchon Hanok village, you can find more pretty streets with a bit more of a contemporary feeling in Samcheongdong. There, lovers walk along hand in hand and friends have coffee in the cafes that are strung up on the road. Samcheongdong is a hidden treasure lost in the busy city of Seoul.

How to go from Course 4 to Course 5
Take Jongro Bus 11 and get off at the Sejong Center
Course 5Seoul is the City that Never Sleeps, Gwanghwamun Plaza and Cheonggye Plaza

King Sejong is edified in the middle of Gwanghwamun Plaza. There are hundreds of years of history that are captured on these streets. The street is lined up with the state of King Sejong, Gwanghwamun, Gyeongbukgung and Bukhansan Mountain in the back. All day long and into the night, tourists walk around here. From the moment that you stop to look at the street, in the midst of all the blinking cars that pass by, you can realize what a cinematic moment that is. The lights that glow from Gwanghwamun and from the Sejong Center really make you feel the allure of the city.
And if you listen quietly from Gwanghwamun and to the beat of the city, you might hear a river flow. Cheonggyecheon was called once ‘clean stream’ and used to for playground for children and laundry for women during the Chosun dynasty but became terribly polluted with industry development. It was renovated and reborn after two years’ construction. And that is the river flow naturally coming from Cheonggyecheon River. At the base of Cheonggyecheon River, there is a small waterfall at the entrance. Lit up in all different colors, you can relax and enjoy the view here.

Address : Seoul, Jongro-gu, Aeji-dong 293-1
Phone Number : 02-2269-8855
How to get there : Take Line no 1 to Jongro 5-ga Station and come out of exit 7 or 8 for a 5 minute walk.

Locals' Favorite Snack Corner, Gwangjang Market Cross the bridge from the middle of Cheonggyecheon and you'll come across Gwangjang Market. Here, not only can you see the lives of many citizens intertwined, but you can taste all different kinds of foods. From Korean fried pancakes to kimbap, you can try all the best snacks to top off your perfect night!.