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(Seoullo 7017) Exploration of Modern & Contemporary Architecture at Seoullo

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Walking Tour Introduction
Explore Seoul's architecture from the post-enlightenment and modern eras near Seoullo.
Culture Station Seoul 284Travel along Seoullo and see traces of Korea's enlightenment as expressed in architecture. Western culture entered Korea around the 1900s, causing a radical shift in the city’s architectural styles and culture.  Walk from Seoul Station to Chungjeongno to look at the buildings built after the enlightenment era. Experience the changes that took place in the city and discover the hidden stories of Seoul.
Walking Tour Details
Culture Station Seoul 284 – Seoullo 7017 – Son Kee Chung Memorial Hall – Yakhyeon Catholic Church – St. Joseph Apartments - Chungjeonggak – Chungjeongno Station Exit 9

Length of tour : 2 hours and 30 minutes

Meeting Place : Exit 15 of Seoul Station
※ Experience programs are not included in the walking tour. Participation in experience programs must be done individually once the tour is over.

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Major Tourist Attractions
Seoullo 7017
Seoullo 7017Seoullo 7017 is an elevated public park that is comprised of several pedestrian walkways. The Seoullo 7017 project brought about the transformation of a disused highway into a green space for pedestrians. 7017 is a nod to the highway’s foundation in 1970, and the highway’s rebirth in 2017. The 17 also refers to the number of pedestrian walkways that make up Seoullo.
Culture Station Seoul 284
Culture Station Seoul 284Before Seoul Station was built, there was Namdaemun Station, a humble wood building that was just 33 square meters in size. In 1925, in preparation for a Japanese advance into China, the Japanese colonial government built Gyeongsong Station on the site of Namdaemun Station. The station was modeled after Lucerne Station in Switzerland and sold fancy Western food and coffee.
Son Kee Chung Memorial Hall
Son Kee Chung Memorial HallSon Kee Chung won the gold medal in marathon event at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. The oak seedling Son received with the gold medal is now a gigantic tree and is still growing in the garden of the memorial hall.

※Closed : Mondays
Yakhyeon Catholic Church
Yakhyeon Catholic ChurchYakhyeon Catholic Church was built in 1893 and it was the first Western-style church built in Korea. Catholics were heavily persecuted during the late Joseon era, and many Catholics lost their lives. Of the numerous Catholics killed during this era, 44 people were martyred at the site where Yakhyeon Catholic Church was established. The church building was constructed on a hill that overlooks the execution site in honor of the sacrifice made by these martyrs.