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Visit Seoul Website Guide is Seoul Metropolitan Government's official tourism website, providing visitors with a wealth of essential travel information and services. Feel free to access our website from your device of choice for is optimized for both pc and mobile.
VisitSeoul Features
Basic Info
New to town and clueless as to where to begin? The “Basic Info” section is your primer to the city of Seoul. Check out the "Seoul at a Glance" page to discover Seoul's 7 major tourist districts. Download the latest travel information, including maps and suggested itineraries, from the “Maps & Guides” section. Learn where the nearest Tourist Information Center is. Check out our useful FAQ, Newsletter, and interactive map, too!
See & Do
Discover all there is to see and do in Seoul. This section provides in-depth information about historic sites, museums, galleries, landmarks, parks, casinos, theme parks and more. You'll also find information on walking tours, the Seoul City Bus Tour, suggested itineraries, popular neighborhoods, hiking information and fun excursions outside of Seoul. But don't just take our word for it--we also provide a list of Trip Advisor's top-ranked attractions as well.
A major foodie destination, Seoul is filled with thousands of places to fill your belly, from hole-in-the-wall joints to 5-star restaurants serving anything and everything, whether it’s cheap Korean snacks or epicurean delights from all corners of the world. We will introduce you to Korean cuisine, direct you to Seoul's best dining districts, point you to the best night spots, and even help you find the best cup of coffee in town.
One of the trendiest cities in Asia, Seoul is a shopper's paradise with an endless range of places to lighten your wallet, from the sprawling outdoor markets of Namdaemun and Dongdaemun to the designer boutiques of Cheongdam Fashion Street. We'll help you find the perfect souvenir, too. 
There's always something going on in Seoul, a city that never sleeps. Find out who is playing where, which exhibits people are talking about, and which festivals you absolutely should not miss. You can even book tickets for shows and movies directly though our website.
Medical Tourism
More and more visitors are coming to Seoul to take advantage of the city's cutting-edge--and reasonably priced--medical services. Learn more about Korea's medical tourism services, including traditional medicine, aesthetic services, health exams and more. We even provide information on "wellness" tours as well.
Fans of K-Pop and Korean dramas, look no further--VisitSeoul shares with you all the best Hallyu-related things to do and see, including recommended drama and music-themed tours, Hallyu-related restaurants and shopping, and information on stamp tours.