i Tour Seoul Mobile App Guide

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i Tour Seoul Mobile App Guide

When the mobile app, i Tour Seoul app was first launched in 2009, it quickly became a must-have app for tourists to Seoul. i Tour Seoul is essential for traveling in Seoul and features great information like tourism top 10 lists, recommended attractions, events and festivals, performance & hotel reservations, real-time bus information, a subway map, and much more.


Main Features
Comprehensive Travel Information

i Tour Seoul offers information on every aspect of Seoul travel. Browse directories of tourist attractions, stores, restaurants, hotels, and more. Furthermore, there is weather information, transit information, locations for tourist information centers, and great tips on where to go and what to do in Seoul.


Recommended Attractions & Specialized Sightseeing

Have trouble making a schedule? Not sure where to go? Don’t worry, i Tour Seoul is here to help. Our travel specialists have gathered information on the best places to go and special attraction according to your personal preferences.


View information on current festival, events, exhibitions and gain easy access to all the latest articles on Seoul's trends. Experience Seoul in a whole new way through monthly newsletter articles and Hallyu contents!


Real Reviews from Real Travelers

When you’re unsure of whether or not to go to a certain attraction or restaurant, turn to TripAdvisor to get real reviews from real travelers. When in doubt, check the reviews on TripAdvisor; you won’t regret it.



Modern and Convenient


Real-Time Info; Reservation Services

i Tour Seoul is a web-based app that is connected to the official Seoul travel site, and offers valuable real-time information. In addition, users use the app to make reservations for everything from hotels and walking tours, to musicals and exhibitions.


Travel Tips and Information All In One Place!

Click Travel Info to access essential travel information like Seoul's weather, transportation, currency, etiquette, and more! Emergency contact numbers are also available in case of medical emergencies, promoting a safer travel experience for travelers in Seoul. 


Maps and guidebooks are must-haves when it comes to traveling! Clicking Maps & Guidebooks on i Tour Seoul will let users download PDF files of maps and guidebooks, giving access to a wealth of information on all the attractions to visit while in Seoul!


Location-Based Services

i Tour Seoul now comes equipped with location-based services. The app is perfect for visitors who are new to Seoul! Users can see their real-time location on a map and get see nearby places of interest such as attractions, restaurants, stores, hotels, bus stops and more.


Intuitive User Interface

i Tour Seoul has a concise, intuitive user interface that offers uncluttered screen viewing and allows users to easily read the content available from the app.


Service in 5 Languages; Download from the App Store

i Tour Seoul offers service in five different languages: Korean, English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese. i Tour Seoul is available for download at the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.