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Songpa Trail

Terblanche Chantal / South Africa

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Did you know there are numerous trails you can walk around Songpa and all of them offer a variety of things to see and do?! ... One of my favourite trails is the Hangang Trail as I love to spend the day at the park and then as an occasional special treat go on a cruise on the river. ... Have you been there or on the cruise? ... 📍 Songpa Trail Hangang Park 🚉Line 2 Jamsillaru Station exit 4 ⏰ 24 hours 💲The walk and park are free, the cruise costs money 🗓️Monday – Sunday ... #visitseoul #gsm2020 #globalseoulmate #songpa #songpa_official #songpatrail #clumsyinseoul #exploreseoul @songpa_official