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A day right by the city

Calvo Jiménez Lorena / Spain

Last Post 2020-08-04 Views 45 Like 0

Adventures outside of Seoul during monsoon season ☔ A phantom railway station now merely evoking memories in the middle of the Korean countryside... The spot in which a kind stranger walking an adorable and even older couple took the time to stop and say hello while explaining to my friend and l the meaning behind the name of this train station "일영" A meaning which l saddly now fail to remember. What will not be forgotten though, is the kindness on those 3 sets of eyes and the warmth of their greetings 💜 If you come to Korea, of course visit all you can in the city but if you have time, make sure to visit the Korean countryside. I love to do so as often as l can because there are a lot of hidden history pieces spread along remote places, people are extremely kind, food is an extra level of delicious and it is a great way to relax and unwind from Seoul's busy and somewhat at times stressful life. FUN FACT: Apparently even a very famous Kpop video was filmed in this charming location📽🎬