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Stories of the World in Itaewon

Published Date : Aug 03, 2015 / Edited Date : Mar 04, 2019
Stories of the World in Itaewon

Stories of the World in Itaewon

  The "Itaewon Global Village Festival"held each year in October provides the opportunity to experience various foods and cultures from all over the world. This festival is held in Itaewon every year as the area has long attracted more foreigners than any other places in Seoul. We invite you to Itaewon, the "small global village in Seoul", where many races and cultures in different parts of the world such as Asia, Europe, America and Africa coexist.

                  Directions(World Food Street) : 3 min. walk from Itaewon Station, Exit 1.
                  ※ Directions to Usadan-gil : 10 min. walk from Itaewon Station Exit 3.



Itaewon Global Village Festival

  •  This festival held in October each year provides the chance to experience the traditional cultures from all around the world including Korean culture. You can taste the traditional foods of various countries, watch a massive parade and a special music concert, engage in cultural exchange programs and enjoy many other fun events.

1. Gyeongnidan-gil, Haebangchon (Haebang means freedom or liberation, and Chon means village)

Gyeongnidan-gil is a few minute walk from Noksapyeong Station (subway) Exit 2 in the direction of NamsanTunnel 3. This is one of the up-and-coming streets in Itaewon. Small restaurants, cafes and pubs can be found lined up on each alley on the walk along Gyeongnidan-gil. The unique side-street stores here have emerged as the hot places preferred by the young people for their simple yet exotic characteristics.

The most popular alleys of Gyeongnidan-gil are "Jang Jinwoo Street" and the "Craft Beer Alley". Jang Jinwoo, a photographer and cook, runs a steak house, an octopus restaurant and several small cafes in the narrow alley. This alley filled with his stores is now called the "Jang Jinwoo Street". "Jang Jinwoo Street" is crowded with a lot of people each night. You may have to bear eating and drinking so close with your shoulders almost touching the people sitting at the next table because these places are very small. But the facial expressions of the people seem far from unpleasant. In fact, they strike up a conversation and even become friends. Such a friendly atmosphere is the reason why so many people come to this alley.


The "Craft Beer Alley"is the first to introduce European-style craft beer in Korea. Four young men from America opened a craft beer joint called "Magpie Brewing". Although it started out in a shabby place without even a store sign, it became popular among the young people for its excellent beer taste. Craft beer joints such as "The Booth" and "Craftworks"continued to open, making this alley become widely known as the "Craft Beer Alley".

Craft beer joints on Gyeongnidan-gil were opened mostly by foreigners in the beginning. "The Booth" run by Daniel Tudor is especially one of the popular places while Mr. Tudor who used to be a journalist for UK-based weekly The Economist drew attention by releasing an article stating that Korean beer does not taste too good.



Shops with an exotic atmosphere are lined up along the low hill located on the other side of Gyeongnidan-gil which can be crossed using the underground passage. As you walk along this road, you will come across "Haebangchon".


Haebangchon has been named after the meaning of a "village formed after liberation". It was only recently that Haebangchon began to attract attention again. Exotic shops came into being as many people continued to visit Gyeongnidan-gil, close from this area. American-style homemade hamburger stores, European restaurants, and pubs and cafes with a terrace and a Western atmosphere can now be easily found lined up along the sloping road of Haebangchon.

A significant number of shop owners in Haebangchon are foreigners from the US and Europe. Many of them fell in love with Seoul’s old landscape found in Haebangchon during their trip to Korea. They say that they were attracted to the sight of "Daldongne"(old residential towns in uphill areas) where old and shabby houses stand close together, which exuded Korea’s unique atmosphere of simplicity and humbleness.


You also don’t want to miss "HBC Art Village" and the "HBC Music Festival" when you visit Haebangchon where the old landscape of Seoul blends harmoniously with the exotic Western culture. It is a must visit for those visiting Itaewon.



HBC Art Village 

Haebangchon has transformed into an art village decorated with some 30 murals and structures through the government’s residential environment improvement project.



HBC Music Festival

  • The HBC Music Festival is held twice every year in May and October. Foreign musicians residing in Korea perform with Korean indie musicians at pubs located in the Haebangchon area.

2. Antique Furniture Street 

The "Antique Furniture Street" displaying antique European furniture can be found on the street close to Itaewon Station (subway) Exit 4.

The "Antique Furniture Street"was formed in the 1960s when American soldiers stationed in the Yongsan Base sold off their furniture before returning to the States. It was hard to find Western furniture in Korea back then. The furniture street came into being naturally as shops selling furniture abandoned by American soldiers appeared one after another.


As the years went on, furniture of American soldiers became a common thing as Korea achieved a remarkable economic development. So the shopkeepers of the furniture street started to import and sell expensive European furniture to affluent customers. Since the beginning of the 2000s, they have expanded their business portfolios, selling European antique furniture and interior pieces.


 There are currently around 90 furniture stores on the Antique Furniture Street. Most of these stores sell antique furniture and interior pieces brought in personally from Europe. They have captured the hearts of furniture lovers and collectors because they carry products hard to find at other shops and pieces which have a long history of their own. You can spot old furniture displayed along the streets and people taking pictures of it as you walk along the Antique Furniture Street on a sunny day.



Itaewon Antique Vintage Fair

  • It is a flea market held each year in October on the Itaewon Antique Furniture Street. Various vintage and antique furniture and interior pieces are sold at a reduced price.

3. Usadan-gil

An unfamiliar sight can be spotted when you climb up the hills located behind the Itaewon Fire Station. Shops such as Halal restaurants with store signs written in both Korean and English giving off the pungent smell of spices, butcher shops selling muttons which are hard to find in Korea, and general stores displaying chador (traditional garment worn by Muslim or Hindu women) and hijab (veil/headscarf worn by Muslim women) are lined up along the street.

The official name of this street is Usadan-ro 10-gil Road but people usually call it the "Islamic Street" or "Usadan-gil". The Seoul Central Mosque is located at the center of Usadan-gil. The towering twin minarets and the round masjid (mosque) welcome visitors after passing the entrance which reminds of castle gates of the Middle Ages. The Seoul Central Mosque, which completed construction in 1976, was the first Islamic mosque in Korea.

The Seoul Central Mosque is open to both Muslims and visitors. However, Sharia, the Islamic Law, forbids wearing short-sleeved tops, short skirts and pants,so sometimes Islamic clothing provided by the mosque must be worn to enter. Koreans as well as tourists from all over the world come to visit the Seoul Central Mosque on weekends. Although experiencing Islamic culture in the Asian country may feel unfamiliar, it will offer an unexpected moment of pleasure.

The Islamic Street started to develop on Usadan-gil from 1993. Most of the laborers from the third-world regions such as the Middle East, Southwest Asia, Southeast Asia, India and Africa were Muslims and they lived around the Seoul Central Masjid. As the number of Muslim residents grew, convenient facilities for Muslims such as Halal restaurants, Islamic prayer product shops and general stores appeared naturally, forming the "Islamic Street".

Usadan-gil is an old neighborhood composed of narrow, complicated alleys, steep stairways, old and rusty slate-roofed houses. Due to cheap rents, many Muslims chose to live here.

Usadan-gil has emerged as the new hot place of Itaewon as young artists and small shopkeepers flocked in here in the last few years. Small workshops, handicraft shops, pubs, cafes and restaurants will catch your attention as you walk pass the Seoul Central Masjid. The young people have chosen to open stores on Usadan-gil because the rents are generally cheaper than in other places. These shopkeepers have fallen deep into the charms of Usadan-gil which harmoniously blends Seoul's old landscape with the unique Islamic culture. The Usadan-gil youth community "Usadandan (Usadan Society)" has promoted Usadan-gil through various activities such as the Stairway Flea Market and the Dong Dong Tour (a tour of all corners of the Usadan area filled with interesting stories which is named after the host Lee Young Dong), and a great number of people visit this neighborhood every weekend.



Stairway Flea Market

  • This flea market is held on the last Saturday of each month on the stairways located behind the Seoul Central Masjid. Various products including handicrafts and food are sold at the flea market.

Dong Dong Tour 

  • The Dong Dong Tour is a Usadan-gil tour program. The tour is carried out for people with advance reservations for the Stairway Flea Market visit.


    (Facebook page for the Dong Dong Tour)

4. World Food Street

The "World Food Street" located on the back of Hamilton Hotel features cuisines from more than 30 countries around the world such as those in Asia, America and Europe. This street is currently the most popular area in Itaewon because there are many shops which allow you to enjoy cuisines of foreign countries hard to experience without going on an overseas trip. Come and visit the World Food Street in Itaewon and experience the taste of the world!

1.  Moghul
Opened in 1984, the Pakistani restaurant Moghul is the oldest restaurant on the World Food Street. Traditional Indian dishes were hard to find in Korea when Moghul was opened. It is one of the first-generation Pakistani restaurants in Korea. All staff members of Moghul including the head chef, cooks, managers and waiters are native Pakistanis. Moghul’s most popular dishes include the Pakistani style curry and the Pakistani BBQ which can also be enjoyed in Mogul’s cozy outdoor garden.

2.  Copacabana Grill
"Copacabana" is a seaside city located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As the name suggests, Copacabana Grill is a Brazilian BBQ restaurant. The owner, cooks and waiters are all native Brazilians. The Copacabana Grill is famous for its Brazilian traditional BBQ "Churrasco" which allows you to enjoy the best taste and flavor by slicing the grilled meat onto your plates right at the table. It is the perfect place to satisfy the appetite of tourists with its unlimited meat offer.


Churrasco is a term that refersto various parts of meat including beef, pork and chicken grilled on rotating skewers which is sliced and served at the table. Churrasco originates from shepherds of southern Brazil who ate meat grilled on skewers long time ago.

3.  ゼレン (Zelen)
Zelen is a restaurant owned and run by young Bulgarian cook Mihal Ashminov and his brother. It is the only Bulgarian restaurant in Asia. Mihal who appears frequently on Korean television programs introducing famous restaurants opened Zelen in 2007 after working at a hotel in downtown Seoul. "Svinska Kavarma", a stew served with diced pork tenderloin and various vegetables, "Trushia" known as the Bulgarian kimchi, and the world-renowned "Bulgarian Yogurt" are delicacies which can be tasted only at Zelen.


  • Trushia is a traditional Bulgarian salted pickle consisting of mixed vegetables such as cabbage, tomato, cucumber and broccoli. Bulgaria has the tradition of making Trushia in the summer and eating them in the winter when fresh vegetables are hard to find.

4.  Gecko's avenue

Gecko’s Avenue is in the vanguard of introducing European cuisine to Korea and the starting place of the European restaurant boom. Gecko’s Avenue, which has remained in the same exact location since its opening underthe name of Gecko’s Garden 14 years ago, has emergedas a complex cultural space offering a stylish interior with a spacious and pleasant garden. The "Mediterranean Paella" which has seafood, chicken and the pleasant hint of saffron mixed altogether and the "Seafood Salad" topped with raspberries are some of the popular dishes among women while simple alcoholic beverages and European-style eatables such as foie gras can also be enjoyed at the lounge bar.


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  • 개인예약: 최대 10명
    ※ 경복궁/창경궁/창덕궁: 최대 20명
  • 기존 등록된 예약 중 그룹별 정원을 초과하지 않는 예약에 한하여, 1일 전 17시까지 추가 예약 가능합니다.
  • 코스별 정원을 초과하지 않는 경우, 다른 예약자와 함께 관광하게 될 수 있습니다.
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  • 발열 또는 호흡기 증상(열, 기침, 가래, 근육통, 코막힘, 인후통 등)이 있는 경우, 프로그램 참여를 삼가주시기 바랍니다.
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  • 미세먼지 비상저감조치 발령 및 기타 기상악화(폭염, 태풍, 폭우 등)로 인해 도보관광 운영이 어려운 경우, 모든 예약은 일괄 취소됩니다. (관광일 전날 기준)
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  • 한국어를 모국어로 사용하는 대한민국 국민의 경우, 외국어 해설 신청이 불가능합니다.
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  • 특히 주말 및 공휴일, 봄(4~5월)/가을(9~11월) 성수기에는 예약이 조기마감될 수 있으니 유의하여 주시기 바랍니다.
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  • 미세먼지 비상저감조치 발령 및 기타 기상악화(폭염, 태풍, 폭우 등)로 인해 도보관광 운영이 어려운 경우, 모든 예약은 일괄 취소됩니다. (관광일 전날 기준)
  • 서울도보해설관광은 문화관광해설사의 자원봉사활동으로 운영되는 프로그램으로, 영리 목적의 신청을 엄격히 제한하고 있습니다.
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    ※ 중증(1~3급) 동반인 포함 2명 무료※ 경증(4~6급) 장애인 본인 1인만 무료
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  • 해설 진행 시 발생하는 안전사고에 대해서 도보관광 사무국과 서울문화관광해설사는 책임을 지지 않습니다.
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    ※ 중증(1~3급) 동반인 포함 2명 무료
    ※ 경증(4~6급) 장애인 본인 1인만 무료
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  • 예약확인을 위해 도보관광 사무국(02-6925-0777)에서 확인 연락이 진행됩니다.
    (최소 5일~한달 전)3회 이상 전화통화가 이뤄지지 않을 시 예약이 취소될 수 있습니다.
  • 해설 진행 시 발생하는 안전사고에 대해서 도보관광 사무국과 서울문화관광해설사는 책임을 지지 않습니다.
  • 미세먼지 비상저감조치 발령 및 기타 기상악화(폭염, 태풍, 폭우 등)로 인해 도보관광 운영이 어려운 경우 모든 예약은 일괄 취소됩니다. (관광일 전날 기준)
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  • 본 코스는 보행약자(거동이 불편한 고령자, 장애인, 유모차 이용자 등)를 위한 코스입니다.
  • 보호자를 동반하지 않을 시 이용이 불가능 합니다.※ 보행약자 1명당 보호자 최소 1인 이상 동반
    ※ 전동보장구(전동휠체어, 전동스쿠터 등) 사용자의 경우 보호자 1인당 보행약자 최대 4인까지 동반 가능
    희망하시는 날짜 및 코스에 활동가능한 해설사가 없는 경우 예약은 취소될 수 있습니다.
  • 예약확인을 위해 도보관광 사무국(02-6925-0777)에서 확인 연락이 진행됩니다.(최소 5일~한달 전)3회 이상 전화통화가 이뤄지지 않을 시 예약이 취소될 수 있습니다.
  • 해설 진행 시 발생하는 안전사고에 대해서 도보관광 사무국과 서울문화관광해설사는 책임을 지지 않습니다.
  • 미세먼지 비상저감조치 발령 및 기타 기상악화(폭염, 태풍, 폭우 등)로 인해 도보관광 운영이 어려운 경우 모든 예약은 일괄 취소됩니다. (관광일 전날 기준)
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  • [As of one day prior to the tour date] All reservations shall be canceled in the event of emergency particulate matter reduction measures taken and/or inclement weather conditions (ex. excessive heat waves, typhoons, heavy rain, and more) that may impede Seoul Guided Walking Tour operations.
  • The Seoul Guided Walking Tour administration office and tour guide affiliates are not responsible for any accidents that happen to occur during the tour program.
  • If you are unable to go on a tour, please cancel the reservation at least 4 hours before the tour starts. If you cancel your reservation more than twice with less than 4 hours left, future reservations may be restricted.
Read before Reservation
  • Reservation shall be made at least 1 week before the tour day.
  • The course is for tourists with mobility problems (Senior, people with disability, stroller user).
  • You may not use the course without an assistant (or companion)
    ※ At least one assistant shall accompany a tourist with mobility problem
    ※ In case of electric assisting device users (electric wheelchair, electric scooter users), one assistant may accompany up to 4 tourists with mobility problem
  • Reservation may be canceled when a guide is unavailable on the desired date and course.
  • Seoul Guided Walking Tour Office (02-6925-0777) will contact you to confirm reservation.
    (At least 5 days~1 month before tour day) Reservation may be canceled when Seoul Guided Walking Tour Office cannot reach you for more than 3 times.
  • Seoul Guided Walking Tour Office and Seoul culture and tourism guide are not liable for the safety accidents during the Seoul Guided Walking Tour.
  • All reservations are canceled when Seoul Guided Walking Tour is unavailable due to Particulate Matter Reduction Measure or other weather conditions (heat wave, typhoon, heavy rain). (As of the date before the tour day)
  • ソウル徒歩解説観光のご予約は観光予定日を基準に3日前までとさせて頂きます。
  • 個人予約:最大10名
  • 既にご予約頂いたコースの中でグループごとに定員を超えない場合に限り、観光予定日の1日前の17まで人数を追加することが出来ます。
  • コースごとに定員を超えない場合、他のチームと共に観光する可能性もあります。
  • ソウル徒歩解説観光はご予約いただき次第、解説士が自動に割り当てられるシステムですので、くれぐれも慎重にご予約を行ってください。
  • 翌月のご予約は前月の15日から可能です。
  • コロナ予防のため解説プログラム参加の際は、必ずマスク着用をお願いいたします。
  • 発熱または呼吸症状(熱、咳、痰、筋肉痛、鼻づまり、喉の痛みなど)がある場合は、解説プログラムへのご参加はお控えください。
  • 保護者を同伴しない満14歳未満の観光客は、現場でキャンセルとなります。
  • PM2.5非常低滅措置の発令およびその他の気象状況の悪化(猛暑、台風、豪雨など)により徒歩観光の運営が難しい場合は、すべての予約が一括キャンセルされます。(観光予定日の前日基準)
  • 観光中に発生する安全事故について、ソウル徒歩解説観光事務局とソウル文化観光解説士は責任を負いません。
  • 日本語解説のお申込みは日本人のみとさせて頂きます。
  • ご予約の後、当日ご参加が出来なくなった際、観光予定時間を基準に少なくとも4時間前まではお取り消しください。4時間未満の状況での予約の取り消しが2回以上発生した場合、今後予約が制限しかねません。
  • 予約は観光日を基準として少なくとも1週間前まで可能です。
  • 本コースは、移動弱者(移動が不自由な高齢者、障害者、ベビーカー利用者など)のためのコースです。
  • 補助人(或いは同行人)を伴わない場合は利用できません。
  • ご希望の日付及びコースに活動可能な解説士がいない場合、予約はキャンセルされることがあります。
  • 予約を確認するため、徒歩観光事務局(02-6925-0777)で確認のための連絡が行われます。
  • 解説を進行する時に発生する安全事故に対し、徒歩観光事務局とソウル文化観光解説士は
  • PM 2.5(ピーエムにてんご)の非常低減措置発令及びその他の気象悪化(猛暑、台風、暴雨など)によって
  • 至少在观光当日前三天预约,方可预约成功。
  • 个人预约:最多10名
  • 在已登记的预约团体中,直接待不超过预约人数的团体,可在前一天17时前追加预约。
  • 如果不超过每条路线的限定人数,可能会与其他预约者一同观光。
  • 首尔徒步解说观光项目会在接受预约的同时分配解说员,请慎重预约。
  • 如需预约下个月的观光解说,可在前一个月的15号以后预约。
  • 为了预防新冠肺炎的扩散,参加徒步观光解说活动时必须佩戴口罩。
  • 如有发热或呼吸道症状(发烧、咳嗽、痰液、肌肉痛、鼻塞、咽喉痛等),请避免参加解说活动。
  • 未满14岁的儿童游客,如无监护人随行,则会在现场取消解说活动。
  • 由于雾霾应急减排措施启动,或其他天气恶化(炎热、台风、暴雨等)导致徒步观光活动难以进行时,所有预约将一次性取消。(以观光当日前一天为基准)
  • 对于解说活动中发生的安全事故, 首尔徒步解说旅游事务局和首尔文化观光解说公司不与负责。
  • 以韩语为母语的韩国国民,不可申请外语解说。
  • 若预约后不可避免地无法参加观光活动,请以观光时间为准至少4小时前取消预约。如果在观光时间前不足4小时的情况下取消预约两次以上的话,以后的预约可能会收到限制。
  • 观光日基准最少1日前方可进行预约。
  • 本线路是为了行动不便者(行动不便的高龄者、残疾人、婴儿车利用者等)的路线。
  • 无辅助人员(或同行人)伴随时,不可利用。
    ※ 步行不便者1名至少需要1名以上的辅助人员陪同。
    ※ 电动辅助器具(电动轮椅、电动独轮车等)使用者时,每一位辅助人员最多可陪同 4名步行不便者。
  • 希望观光的日期及线路上无解说员时,预约有可能被取消。
  • 为了确认预约,徒步观光事务局(02-6925-0777)会致电进行确认。
    (最少5日~一个月前) 3次以上无法连接时,预约将被取消。
  • 进行解说时,对于有可能发生的安全事故,徒步观光事务局和首尔文化观光解说员概不负责。
  • 因发布微尘紧急低减措施及其他气象恶化(暴热、台风、暴雨等),无法运营 徒步观光时,所有预约会批量取消。
  • 至少在觀光當日前三天預約, 方可預約成功。
  • 個人預約: 最多10名
    ※ 景福宮、昌慶宮、昌德宮: 最多20名
  • 在已登記的預約團體中, 直接待不超過預約人數的團體, 可在前一天17時前追加預約。
  • 如果不超過每條路線的限定人數, 可能會與其他預約者一同觀光。
  • 서首爾徒步解說觀光項目會在接受預約的同時分配解說員, 請慎重預約。
  • 如需預約下個月的觀光解說, 可在前一個月的15號以後預約。
  • 爲了預防新冠肺炎的擴散, 參加徒步觀光解說活動時必須佩戴口罩。
  • 如有發熱或呼吸道症狀(發燒、咳嗽、痰液、肌肉痛、鼻塞、咽喉痛等)請避免參加解說活動。
  • 未滿14歲的兒童遊客, 如無監護人隨行, 則會在現場取消解說活動。
  • 由於霧霾應急減排措施啓動. 或其他天氣惡化(炎熱、颱風、暴雨等)導致徒步觀光活動難以進行時, 所有預約將一次性取消。 (以觀光當日前一天爲基準)
  • 對於解說活動中發生的安全事故, 首爾徒步解說旅遊事務局和首爾文化觀光解說公司不與負責。
  • 以韓語爲母語的韓國國民,不可申請外語解說。
  • 若預約後不可避免地無法參加觀光活動, 請以觀光時間爲準至少4小時前取消預約。如果在觀光時間前不足4小時的情況下取消預約兩次以上的話, 以後的預約可能會收到限制。
  • 觀光日基準最少1日前方可進行預約。
  • 本線路是為了行動不便者(行動不便的高齡者、殘疾人、嬰兒車利用者等)的路線。
  • 無輔助人員(或同行人)伴隨時,不可利用。
    ※ 步行不便者1名至少需要1名以上的輔助人員陪同。
    ※ 電動輔助器具(電動輪椅、電動獨輪車等)使用者時,每壹位輔助人員最多可陪同 4名步行不便者。
  • 希望觀光的日期及線路上無解說員時,預約有可能被取消。
  • 為了確認預約,徒步觀光事務局(02-6925-0777)會致電進行確認。
    (最少5日~壹個月前) 3次以上無法連接時,預約將被取消。
  • 進行解說時,對於有可能發生的安全事故,徒步觀光事務局和首爾文化觀光 解說員概不負責。
  • 因發布微塵緊急低減措施及其他氣象惡化(暴熱、臺風、暴雨等),無法運營 徒步觀光時,所有預約會批量取消。 (觀光前日基準)