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석파정 현대미술관의 전경
문화역 서울284의 전경
청계천박물관의 전경

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Yeouido area
Itaewon area
Gwanghwamun area
Jamsil area
Dongdaemun area



. Welcome Back, My Soul Seoul! Seoul tourism has made its return! Come celebrate together with Visit Seoul during this Mega Event as we mark the revival of Seoul tourism following the pandemic. Come tour your way around the city and see how much Seoul has changed in the meantime! To participate in the Mega Event, simply write the name or number of the destination you’d like to visit with a comment and tag a friend. You’ll then be entered into a random drawing where you might just come out a winner! Refer to the event details below for more information. 👉 Event Period [2 Weeks] Tuesday, May 11, to Wednesday, May 25 👉 How to Participate 1. Follow the official Visit Seoul account (@visitseoul_official) 2. Leave a comment with the name or number of your desired destination and tag a friend ※ Example: [@Tagged friend], let’s go visit Cheongwadae! 👉 Winner Announcements Announcements will be posted on each channel’s Instagram feed and story on Friday, May 27. 👉 Prizes 1st Prize [1 person]: Travel Carrier & Travel Essentials Kit 2nd Prize [10 people]: Seoul Tourism Souvenirs 3rd Prize [20 people]: [Foreigners] Amazon Gift Card & [Koreans] Starbucks Gift Card ✔️ Please Note: * Consent for the use of participants’ personal information, including name, email address, and mobile phone number (optional), is required at the time of winner selection. * If a response to winner notification is not received by Monday, May 30, at noon, winner selection will be automatically forfeit. * If several accounts are used by the same person to participate, or any other form of cheating is discovered during the process of event participation, winner selection will be automatically forfeit. * Multiple entries submitted by the same account will only count as one (1) entry, and in the event winner selection occurs, only one (1) prize will be awarded. *Winners residing in Korea that hold a Korean citizenship must pay 22% of the prize cost as a part of tax and public utility charges incurred due to the prize amount being in excess of KRW 50,000 in accordance with the Income Tax Act.

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