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December2020-12 Vol.60
Romantic Holiday Date Course Guide for All Kinds of Couples Out There

From unrequited love to veteran couples, check out this line-up of customized holiday date courses in Seoul!

2020 Visit Seoul Award Winners by the Numbers

Peruse this selection of articles for the year that came out on top!

December Events
2020 Coex Winter Festival

Let's get out there and see all the colorful events taking place throughout the year!

The Abstract with Mr. Kandinsky

This exhibition enables today's younger generations to have a visceral, sensory experience.

2020 Seoul Art Show

Take in as many as 130 gallery booth exhibitions, installations, Martello sculptures, and more!

Visit Seoul TV
Seoul Connects U

Oh My Girl’s choices for Seoul travel! Come along with Jiho and Arin on their recommended course through Seoul!

Random Trip through Seoul! Exploring the city on a budget!
Han Gets into Trouble

Random Trip through Seoul! Exploring the city on a budget!

One More Trip
Visit Seoul TV
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