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January2021-01 Vol.61
Cleanse the Body, Clear the Mind - Zero Waste in Seoul

A selection of options for the new year that put the environment, nature, and you first!

The Secret to K-Health upon Winter’s Approach

Check out these K-Health recommendations by our team of editors for taking care of your health!

January Events
Shooting the Pulitzer

Welcome to the Shooting the Pulitzer encore exhibition featuring Pulitzer prize-winning photography!

Nighttime Fancies that Disappear in the Morning

The fourth special exhibition to open at the Hotel Imaginary.

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Cinematic Seoul

Explore safe & healing tourist spots in Seoul, from Baeksasil Valley to Mongchontoseong Fortress and more!

This time Han learns all about kimchi from a kimchi master!
Han Gets into Trouble

This time Han learns all about kimchi from a kimchi master!

One More Trip
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