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Panorama Seoul Service Announcement

Panorama Seoul is a panoramic filming service exclusive to the city of Seoul

that provides high-resolution photos from a distance

Panorama Seoul utilizes a 4K high-resolution camera that captures you during visits to signature tourist destinations in Seoul, unlike anything you could capture with a selfie. Create your own unforgettable memories amid the breathtaking Seoul landscape at the Sebitseom Island and Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) locations.

Service information (as of October 2021)
Site 1.  Sebitseom Island : Opening October 27
Located over the bridge connecting Chaebitsome Island & Hangang Park
Site 2.  DDP : Opening November 12
Located facing Hanyangdoseong from within the grounds of the DDP
About the Service

Stand on the landing installed within the service zone and initiate the service with your QR code. The camera will then be activated and take a high-resolution photo of you within the surroundings of either Sebitseom Island or the DDP. After, the photo and a short video will be available to save on your phone by pressing a button.

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