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Hanok guesthouse

Bukchonmaru Hanok Guesthouse

Published Date : 2020-11-12 / Edited Date : 2020-12-18
Bukchonmaru Hanok Guesthouse
Check-in : 14:00 / Check-out : 11:00
  • Bukchonmaru Hanok Guesthouse is a beautiful hanok that sits on the hills of Wonseo Pass. Guests can experience a comfortable, homely atmosphere and a Korean breakfast prepared by the mother host. There are three special features of the Bukchonmaru Hanok Guesthouse. First, the guesthouse offers a fine view. In spite of its hollow structure, the hanok is a two-story building for a unique experience of hanok. Guests can enjoy a glass of beer in the evening at the yard while appreciating the night view of Seoul City Hall and Jongno. Second, the guesthouse offers a healthy breakfast. The jangdokdae (platform of earthenware pots stored with sauces) outside in the yard is a display of gochujang (Korean chili paste), soybean paste, and soy sauces that are personally made by the mother host. You’re mistaken if you’re wondering how breakfast can be so heavy! There are no heavy portions of meat or expensive dishes, but guests can enjoy meals cooked with the mother host’s spirit during a time when even Koreans don’t make their own gochujang, soybean paste, soy sauce, or kimchi at home. However, at Bukchonmaru, guests are served homemade food made with natural ingredients. Living up the traditional elders’ idea of how guests should be treated, all foreigners who visit Korean can experience the spirit of the Korean people. Third, the guesthouse offers convenient transportation. The guesthouse is located between Bukchon Sight #2 and #3, offering convenient transportation to Myeong-dong, Jongno-gu, and the airport. The traditional wooden floors built by artisans without the use of a single nail sits in the middle of the hanok. The hanbok experience and traditional tea tasting can all be enjoyed at the wooden floors. The number of guestrooms available could be increased if the aim of the guesthouse was to make profit, but we decided to provide just three rooms (Anbang, Geonneonbang, and Sarangbang) to accommodate each guest in a homely atmosphere where they can make good memories. We believe that the most important part of making memories is to make them in a family-like, comfortable environment. We help guests from all over the country and the world make memories as they would with their families. If you have any questions, please contact us at +82-10-3253-8751 or
  • - Three guest rooms (2 double rooms, 1 family room) - Various accommodations in each room (Korean traditional ondol [floor heating], air conditioning, hair dryer, free Wi-Fi, towel, linens, hanbok experience) <Family Room> - Accommodation: Standard 4 guests and up to 6 - Size: 18 m2 - Structure: 1 living room, 1 bathroom, 1 room - Form: Ondol room, family room, guestroom view, city view, garden view - Amenities: Refrigerator, hair dryer, air conditioning, bath supplies, towels, bathroom, heating systems, smoke detector, fire extinguisher, carbon monoxide detector, door locks, washing machine, and dryer * Room description - Approx. 18 m2, accommodates up to 4-6 guests - 2 family rooms - 1 bathroom in each guest room - Accommodates standard 4 guests and maximum of 6 - Mattress and Korean mattress with blanket available for ondol rooms - Simple Korean meals provided (subject to change) <Double Room> - Accommodation: Standard 1 guest and up to 2 - Size: 9 m2 - Structure: 1 living room, 1 bathroom, 1 room - Form: Separate type, single room, double room, ondol room - View: city view, garden view - Amenities: refrigerator, hair dryer, air conditioning, heating system, smoke detector, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, door locks, washing machine, and dryer * Room descriptions - Approx. 9 m2, accommodates up to 1-2 guests - 2 double rooms - 1 shared bathroom between the 2 double rooms - KRW 80,000 for 1 guest, KRW 100,000 for 2 guests - Accommodates up to 2 guests with 1 additional child acceptable - Korean breakfast provided <Facilities> - Shared bathroom, shared kitchen, free street parking, paid outside parking <Services> - Wi-Fi, board games, hanbok experience, simple breakfast (no breakfast available due to COVID-19), lockers, pick-ups, no smoking, parking available
Type, Rooms, Capacity
Type Rooms Capacity
Family Room 2 6
Double Room 2 2
  • Washing machine
  • Private bathroom
  • Shared bathroom
  • Toiletries
  • Wi-Fi/Internet
  • AC/heating

152, Changdeokgung-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul  
(서울 종로구 창덕궁길 152)

- Incheon Int’l Airport: Get out Exit 5B or 12A and take the airport limousine bus #6011 (last bus at 22:30) to Anguk Station (Insa-dong) bus stop.
- Gimpo Int’l Airport: Take the city bus #601 (last bus at 23:00) to Anguk Station (Insa-dong) bus stop.

- By walking: Get out Exit 3 of Anguk Station (Line 3), pass Gimbap Cheonguk and make a left right away. Walk straight for about 15 minutes to the entrance of Choongang High School (continue to walk straight) and Bukchonmaru is located on the right hill, to the right of the vegetable garden.

- By bus: Get out Exit 2 of Anguk Station (Line 3) and take bus #1 to Wonseo Pass after nine stops and after passing the wash place (KRW 850, free transfer with use of the T-money card, last bus at 23:00). Arrive at Bukchonmaru located right in front of the bus stop.

- Taxi: Show the following address to the taxi driver (서울 종로구 창덕궁길 152 북촌마루 게스트하우스)

- Located at the top of the right hill behind the Choongang High School entrance, behind Hyundai Headquarters at Anguk Station (Line 3).
- Walk up the street between the Changdeokgung Palace Stone Wall and Hyundai Headquarters to arrive at the guesthouse.
- In case you get lost, please contact +82-2-744-8751 or +82-10-3253-8751.

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