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Haiyan Sky

Published Date : 2021-09-02 / Edited Date : 2021-09-08
Haiyan Sky
Check-in : 16:00 / Check-out : 12:00
  • Haiyan Sky is an urban getaway that looks down to the spectacular view of Dongdaemun Market. Escape from everyday life to heal in the unique atmosphere of Haiyan Sky. There are wannabe items prepared to make everyday a special day. Tea time on a wooden table looking up at the blue sky, a turntable with the old crackling of old LPs, and a beam projector for a sprinkling of stars. Dining in the sparkling kitchen with high-end cutlery. Enjoy a movie-like experience. Haiyan Sky is an unshared house and is available for those needing to quarantine. At every check out all areas are sanitized with ethanol in case of COVID-19. There are hand sanitizers and thermometers for sanitation and health of the guests. There is parking available right in front of the house. COVID-19 response - Haiyan Sky is a detached house and can be used for self-quarantine. No space is shared with other guests or the host and the entire second floor can be use privately. - At every check out all areas are sanitized with ethanol in case of COVID-19. There are hand sanitizers and thermometers for sanitation and health of the guests. It is also thoroughly cleaned by the host. - A family-friendly facility that provides a healing space for those needing to quarantine for a long time. Entertainment for long-term stays - Watch various shows through the beam projector, including Netflix. Guests can also watch movies with quality audio using the speakers. (Beam projector is used instead of a TV, cannot watch channels in real-time) - Various board games are available for guests staying a long time. Enjoy the board games during your stay. - Light up the mood of your daily life while listening to music with a Bluetooth speaker that can play LPs, CDs and cassette tapes. Special service - Disinfected call vans provided for pickup from the airport and safe arrival to Haiyan Sky : up to 4 people, if over 5 people there are additional fees. Stopping at the public health center on the way adds KRW 20,000 fee - Milk, juice, cereal, bread, snacks, coffee, tea, etc. are prepared for guests who have been traveling for a long time. (Provided once upon arrival) One-day Class - As a popular host of Airbnb and KKDAY, the host of Haiyan runs workshops and the following classes are available for guests. (20% discount is offered for Haiyan guests.) - Baking flower rice cake: Flower decoration - A florist decorates the living room and kitchen table with flowers. For a special day like the photo of Haiyan Sky, please let the host know. - Seasonal decoration of the kitchen: KRW 120,000 - Bridal shower kitchen table decoration, bouquet and wreath (5): KRW 300,000 - Bridal shower + fire place decoration: KRW 500,000 ** This guesthouse is a legitimate guesthouse as part of the SafeStay campaign.
  • Chandelier room - Queen sized bed can be used by two people. - Built-in closet is great for storage. - Bathroom is available in the room. Modern classic room - King sized bed can be used by two people. - Massage chair and mini table are available. Prince & princess room - Single bed is available for individual use. - Built-in closet is great for storage. - Bedding is provided for additional guests. Terrace - Spacious and comfortable terrace looks down to the view of Dongdaemun Market and Gwanaksan Mountain from far. - Water hose can be used to water house plants.
Type, Rooms, Capacity
Type Rooms Capacity
Double Room 2 2
Single Room 1 2
  • Washing machine
  • Private bathroom
  • Shared bathroom
  • Toiletries
  • Wi-Fi/Internet
  • TV
  • AC/heating
  • Kitchen (cooking utensils)

30, Jibong-ro 13ga-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul   #201
(서울 종로구 창신동 23-740)
- 7-minute walk from Changsin Station (Line 6)
- 10-minute walk from Dongmyo Station (Line 1)
- 13-minute walk from Dongdaemun Station (Line 4)
- Pick-up service available at Exit 1 of Changsin Station (for check-ins and check outs)

- Parking available in the vacant lot in front of the house