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Tongin 1939

Published Date : 2021-06-30 / Edited Date : 2022-06-22
Tongin 1939
Check-in : 15:00 / Check-out : 12:00
  • Tongin 1939 is a hanok built in 1939. This is also the host’s childhood home. This antiquated hanok with wings on both sides has a large courtyard that is hard to find in the city. In this sunlight house located in a sequestered hanok village, you can enjoy a peaceful hanok stay experience. Tongin 1939 offers a wide dining room that accommodates over eight guests, WiFi access, a TV (Netflix), an AI-enabled Bluetooth speaker, board games, and party item rental service. This private hanok can also be rented for bridal showers, small gatherings, meetings, and birthday parties. You can freely enjoy the yard, which is a rarity in the heart of the city. Standing since 1939, the hanok has gone through renovation to maintain the traditional elements with an addition of contemporary interior design. According to the characteristic of hanok being a wooden building and also because there is a yard, insects can be found despite regular disinfection. (Please keep this in mind when booking.) Tongin 1939 is located close to famous restaurants near Gyeongbokgung Station, art museums, convenience facilities, and Gyeongbokgung Palace. The host provides information about nearby tourist destinations. The spaces/facilities available for access by guests are based on two guests. Up to 12 guests can be accommodated. A light breakfast is served. (Croissant dough provided for cooking in the room)
  • Bedrooms - 5 bedrooms - Soft and luxurious silk mattress. An extra Korean-style mattress can be found in the closet. The thick bedding ensures comfortable sleeping even without a bed. Living Room & Kitchen - In the living room, there is a large table with which a group of guests can enjoy tea time together. - In the kitchen, tableware and cooking utensils for light cooking are available (e.g. wine glass, pots, frying pan). - No need to purchase bottled water since there is a water purifier available. Yard - The yard is decorated with beautiful flower pots, and it is a great spot for enjoying the warm sunlight and chirping birds. - By night, you can enjoy watching the sky and moon under the traditional cozy wall lighting. - Take selfies against the wall of the storage space. Facilities - TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, fan, induction oven, microwave oven, electric pot, toaster, coffee machine, cutlery, wine glasses, beer glasses, teapot and teacups, pots, frying pans, ladle, spatula, knife, cutting board, wine opener, tongs, hair dryer, board games, small dining table, cushions, thermometer, books on hanok, traditional dressing stand - Washing machine and vacuum cleaner (available to guests staying for at least one week, detergent prepared if requested in advance) - Bluetooth speaker, Netflix available - Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand wash, hand sanitizer, towels (2 per person) Party & Visitors - Outdoor table and chairs, flower vase, triple-tiered plate, and table cloth available for rental at deposit - Cleaning fees are charged if not cleaned properly after party (e.g. birthday party, bridal shower, all types of party where party items and decorations, such as flowers, balloons, garlands and wall decorations are used). - Please refrain from shooting off firecrackers in the yard since it is difficult to clean the granite soil. - Room access by guests in excess of those under reservation and visitors other than guests is strictly restricted. (Room charges will not be refunded if asked to leave due to violation of rules. Please check the rules in advance.) - Laundry fees are charged separately if you require extra bedding in excess of the number of guests under reservation. - Extra guest can be added by one day before your check-in. As for change of guests or schedule after reservation, the same regulations as those for refund apply. Damages - All fixtures and furniture have been newly purchased at the time of opening to ensure guests’ enjoyable and pleasant stay. - Please notify the host immediately in case of damaged fixture or furniture. - Guests assume full responsibility for compensation of damage if not notified in advance. - Eating in the bedroom is prohibited to prevent staining the bedding. No Smoking - No smoking on premises. - The wooden hanok building is prone to fire. Therefore, fire alarms and gas detectors are installed all throughout. Smoking and use of fire, such as candles and incenses, indoors (including bathroom and yard) are strictly prohibited. - Please note that, when caught smoking indoors, you will be billed for the cost of specialized cleaning (KRW 300,000) along with room charges for two nights’ stay. BBQ & Cooking - Barbecuing can leave strong and greasy smell. There is also the risk of fire. - Barbecuing or cooking strong-scented food (grilling fish, deep-frying, etc.) is prohibited in consideration of guests. Disinfection - According to the characteristic of hanok building that has a yard and large windows, insects can be found despite regular disinfection. - Tongin 1939 is a pet-friendly lodging where you can stay with your companion dogs. So, strong pesticides are not used in the yard. - Please note that you cannot cancel a reservation or receive refund by reason of insects. Please keep this in mind when booking if you are sensitive to insects. - Tongin 1939 follows COVID-19 protocol and disinfects while housekeeping to ensure safety of guests. - Please note that guests are asked to fill out the guest book according to the government policy. - CCTVs are installed outside the gate for guests’ safety and crime prevention. Pets - Pets are welcome. However, please note the following. - Additional charges and special directions apply to guests staying with dogs. Please inform the host when making reservation. - Tongin 1939 currently does not accept heavy-shedding dogs and large dogs. Please inquire if you wish to stay with these breeds of dogs. - You cannot use the silk bedding with your dog. Guests are asked to bring bedding, kennel, dog pad and bowl for their dogs. - Guests who do not bring dog pads or do not clean after their dogs thoroughly will be billed for the cost of cleaning and their reservation will not be received in the future. Children - For children, please make a reservation as an infant if the child is under 36 months old and as a child if 36 months or older. - Separate bedding is not provided for infants. Tongin 1939 is not responsible for any accident involving children. Note - We also accept reservations on Instagram (@tongin.1939). - For commercial use, please consult the host in advance. (Under any circumstances, commercial filming is not allowed without prior consultation.)
Type, Rooms, Capacity
Type Rooms Capacity
Family Room 5 12
  • Private bathroom
  • Toiletries
  • Wi-Fi/Internet
  • TV
  • AC/heating
  • Kitchen (cooking utensils)

33-7, Jahamun-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul   1F
(서울 종로구 자하문로 33-7)
- Approx. 5 minutes on foot from Gyeongbokgung Station (Line 3)

- 1 parking spot
- Up to two spots available for groups of five or more guests through neighbors’ cooperation.
- This needs to be arranged by the host. So, please inform the parking requirement in advance. (Parking in the neighborhood area without contacting the host can be fined as illegal parking.)