Bonghwanggak Pavilion

142-090  107-12 Samyang-ro 173-gil, Gangbuk-gu, Seoul  

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Bonghwanggak Pavilion was constructed in 1912 by Son Byeonghui. Son Byeonghui was a Korean independence activist during the Japanese occupation. Bongwhanggak was built to be an educational facility that taught students the doctrines of Cheondogyo and educated leaders of the Korean independence movement. Cheondogyo is a Korean religion founded by Choe Je-U and its main tenet is that life and death are one, and all things in the universe repeat in an endless cycle. "Bonghwang" is the Korean word for the phoenix and it appeared often in Choe's writings, which is how the pavilion came to be named Bonghwanggak. The pavilion is considered the main shrine of Cheondogyo. In 1969, Bongwhanggak was designated Tangible Cultural Property No. 2 by the Seoul Metropolitan Government.


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142-090  107-12 Samyang-ro 173-gil, Gangbuk-gu, Seoul  
Suyu Station (subway line 4) take bus No.06, get off at the Ui-dong stop