Hallyu Tourism

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Hallyu Tourism

If you’re a fan of K-Pop, K-Dramas, and K-TV Shows, there are many reasons to visit Seoul. See Cheon Song-yi’s beauty shop in "My Love from the Star," cafés frequented by Lee Min-ho, and shopping spots beloved by BigBang! Dramas are filmed all over Seoul, which means you might even spot a Hallyu celebrity on the streets. Below is a summary of important information for Hallyu tourists, including Hallyu activities programs, must-see Hallyu hot spots, and the schedules of popular Hallyu celebrities.

10 best Hallyu hot spots in Seoul(Stamp Tour)

We introduce you to the top 10 Hallyu hot spots
in Seoul including filming locations of popular k-dramas,
places to see Hallyu celebrities, and tv show filming sites

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Hallyu Activities Program

Seoul offers a wide range of opportunities for tourists
who love Korean pop culture and want to experience Hallyu.
Let’s go and book Hallyu activities by theme,
such as K-food cooking classes and Hallyu makeup classes.
Enjoy a unique Seoul trip with these experiences.

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Hallyu Celebrity Schedules

Seoul is the mecca of Korean pop culture.
One thing you wouldn’t want to miss while in
Seoul is a chance to meet Hallyu celebrities.
Check what’s on the docket for your favorite Hallyu celebrity;
schedules are updated every week.
Seoul provides information,including concert
information and fan meetings,
to help you plan an action packed trip.

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Hallyu tour Course & hot spots with keyword

If you are looking for the traces of the spots in Korean dramas
that you enjoyed and the celebrities’ footsteps
You can just do a keyword such to find out the special Hallyu tour course.

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