Guam Park

07525  42 Heojun-ro 5-gil, Gangseo-gu, Seoul  

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Guam Park is located in Gayang-dong, Seoul. The neighborhood is the birthplace of Heo Jun, a famous Joseon-era doctor and scholar. Next to the park is a museum dedicated to Heo Jun. His name is known in Korea to this day, more than 4 centuries after his death, in part because of his definitive text on Oriental medicine, "Dongui Bogam." There is a large, shrubby rock big enough to accomodate 20 people in the park. Known as Heogabawi Rock, during times of conflict such as the Imjin War and the Second Manchu Invasion of Korea, the rock was used as a refuge.


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버스도착정보 안내
버스 번호 도착 정보
07525  42 Heojun-ro 5-gil, Gangseo-gu, Seoul  
Gayang Station (subway line 9) exit 1