Icheon (pottery village)

467-843  3128, Gyeongchung-daero, Sindun-myeon, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do  

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Icheon, a small city in Gyeonggi Province, is famous for its local farm products like rice and peaches; but more than its agricultural products though, it is famous for the world class pottery that is produced there as well as the naturally occurring hot springs.

Icheon’s ceramic village is located in Sindun-myeon. The village has grown quite rapidly over recent years and has turned into a full on complex containing over 300 ceramic art studios, 40 of which still produce ceramics with wood-fired kilns. The city also boasts a ceramic museum, places for cultural experiences where one can try making ceramics firsthand and shops where the beautiful ceramics of Icheon can be purchased at reasonable prices. 

Icheon’s hot springs are located in the Anheung-dong area. They are renowned for their healings properties. The water temperature varies from about 28 to 31 degrees Celsius. Because of the hot temperature and the high mineral content it has been proven effective in treatments for feminine ailments, muscle pain, nausea, etc. Rumor has it that the healing powers have been known for over 150 years. It is said that one farmer washed his face with water from a hot spring well and that an eye problem he had been suffering from was magically cured. This story spread far and wide across the Korean peninsula bringing people seeking health benefits from the springs in droves. 

Icheon holds the secrets of some of Korea’s most traditional artwork as well being the location of some of the most restful and healthful hot springs on earth. Go to Icheon and spend the day walking around the ceramic village and spend the evening soaking in the fabulous hot springs. 

Getting There: Buses to Icheon are available daily from all major bus terminals in Seoul. 


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467-843  3128, Gyeongchung-daero, Sindun-myeon, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do