Naksan Park at Night

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Naksan Park, located in Jongo-gu, is a great place to see the Seoul City Wall and take in views of downtown Seoul. The park is famous for the beauty of its nighttime views and the city wall. Seoul during the Joseon Dynasty was smaller than it is today. At the time, there were four mountains that were contained within the city limits, Naksan Mountain being one of them. Of the four mountains, Naksan was the smallest at just over 100m tall. The city wall that is along Naksan Mountain is divided by Hyehwamun Gate, Dongdaemun Gate, and Daehak-ro.

If you like to hike, take the Seoul City Wall trail from Hyehwamun to Dongdaemun or vice versa. If you prefer an easier route, begin your walk at Daehak-ro. Additionally, the park has been used as a filming location for many Hallyu dramas due to its beautiful scenary. Walk the old city wall and take in the beatiful twinkling lights of Seoul at Naksan Park.

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