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Namsan Seoul Tower


Namsan Seoul Tower was built in 1969 as Korea's first integrated transmission tower beaming television and radio broadcasts across the capital. Since opening to the public in 1980, it has become a much-loved Seoul landmark. The tower's main attractions include multi-colored digital art projected onto the tower at night, a digital observatory, a roof terrace, the HanCook restaurant, the n.Grill restaurant, and the Haneul (Sky) Restroom. Namsan Seoul Tower's mountain surroundings on Namsan Mountain have made it a popular place to unwind for locals and tourists alike.

Seoul has a number of viewing platforms where visitors can enjoy the nighttime cityscape or gaze out onto the Hangang (River) but the tower's Digital Observatory is unique, offering an astonishing 360 degree panorama over the city, and 32 LCD screens recounting the 600-year history of Seoul. That is why the observatory is so popular and such a source of pride.

Situated on top of the N Plaza, the Roof Terrace is a spacious wooden viewing deck whose exotic atmosphere makes it very popular with lovers. A recent attraction for courting couples is "Locks of Love," thousands of padlocks attached to the fence by romantic Seoulites symbolizing their undying affection.

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• Address
04340  105, Namsangongwon-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea (Yongsan-dong 2-ga, YTN Seoul Tower)  
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• Hours of Operation
Observatory Hours (subject to change according to weather conditions)
Monday-Friday/Sunday 10:00-23:00
Saturdays 10:00-24:00
Restaurant Hours 10:00-23:00
• Facilities for the Disabled

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• Important
The highest bathroom in Seoul is located at Namsan Seoul Tower! On the second floor of the observatory is the Sky Bathroom, the highest bathroom in Seoul. You can go about your business while seeing expansive views of Seoul. When you visit the observatory, make sure to visit the Sky Bathroom!
• Fee
- Tickets: Adult 10,000 won, Child 8,000 won

❍N Sweet Bar Observatory
- Combo Package A: Adult 21,000 won, Child 17,000 won
- Combo Package B: Adult 23,000 won, Child 19,000 won
- Beer Combo Package: Adult 26,000 won

❍ Character Galleries
- Ssen Toy Museum and Showroom: Adult 10,000 won, Child 8,000 won
- Hello Kitty Island: Adult 8,000 won, Child 7,000 won
- Ssen Toy Package (Observatory + Ssen Toy Museum): Adult 14,000 won, Child 11,000 won
- Hello Kitty Package (Observatory + Hello Kitty Island): Adult 12,500 won, Child 10,500 won
-3 in 1 Package (Observatory, Ssen Toy Museum, Hello Kitty Island): Adult 19,500 won, Child 16,000 won

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Address 04340  105, Namsangongwon-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea (Yongsan-dong 2-ga, YTN Seoul Tower)  
Subway Itaewon Station (subway line 6) exit 4, take bus No. 03 and get off at Namsan Seoul Tower
Chungmuro Station (subway line 3, 4) exit 2, take bus No. 02 or 05 and get off at Namsan Seoul Tower
Dongguk Univ. Station (subway line 3) exit 2, take bus No. 02 and get off at Namsan Seoul Tower
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버스도착정보 안내
버스 번호 도착 정보

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Hiking Opportunities, Pretty Views
The N Seoul Tower can be accessed in many different ways. I took the faster hike, and it took about 20-30 mins to complete until I reached the top. The restaurant options vary from burgers, to...
4 2018-05-23 Bosco T
Very good night view of Seoul
Beautiful view of the whole city at night and have a few paid attractions in the base area as well. Nice place to spend an evening with.
4 2018-05-21 Aqilla A
Beautiful scenery
This is one of the most listed must visit attraction in Seoul. I'd say it is worth the time and energy if you love cityscape because it is really beautiful from above. Other than that, they have an...
3 2018-05-21 Hwiehien
cable car and wall of "love locks"
Good view from the top, with small exercise going up to the cable car station (we stay at hotel nearby myeongdong station). the attraction is a a lot of locks with names on it and it is plenty of...
4 2018-05-21 patrickargast
Great view over the city...
If you are looking to see the city so you just got the place for..The view over the city is very nice, but have a look at the weather channel before you got on line for the ticket...