Night Views at Haneul Park

03900  Haneul Park, 95 Haneulgongwon-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul  

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Of the five parks within the World Cup Park system in Mapo-gu, Haneul Park is the most beloved and popular. Haneul is the Korean word for "sky" and the park was dubbed Haneul Park because it has the highest elevation of the five parks. The area was once a landfill, but the park was subsequently transformed into an ecological park. Haneul Park is famous for its fields of tall pampas grass, sunset views, and night views of Seoul. The park is also popular as a date spot and as a location for photo shoots.

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Traveler RatingRating:4.5 (Based on 265 Traveler)

Latest 5 reviews of Haneul Park

  • Beautiful Park
    I went there summer time so the silver grass are not showing. But overall the park is beautiful and refreshing because it’s in higher location.
    Rating:5 Alicia M2019-06-04
  • Nice field
    We went mid May and the grass was knee-high. Very important to check when the grass is scheduled for cutting or else you risk missing out on the pretty backdrop. There ware signages about FROGS so...
    Rating:4 HaikuSy2019-05-16
  • one of the most beautiful park
    The most beautiful park in Seoul you should visit one time when you are here. The most wonderful time to enjoy the scenary here may be around September.
    Rating:5 shawlice892019-05-04
  • Great scenery park
    To reach this park, we walked from World Cup Stadium Station to the base of this mountain and climb up by the stairs. After sweat a bit you will see a great tall grass field and nice view of Seoul...
    Rating:5 Kunkrerk2019-04-15
  • Nice walk
    Nice workout to climb the stairs up, if you do not want to climb the stairs you can pay the mobile buggy to go up, not sure of the price perhaps 1000won or 2000 won per person. Is nice up there and...
    Rating:4 rilacxtina2019-04-15
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